Why Your Digital Marketing & PR Teams Should Collaborate – What to Know

A digital marketing team and public relations (PR) team are two highly distinct groups of people but ultimately share the same purpose: promoting your brand and ensuring positive business recall. While they both employ entirely different strategies and approaches, having these two teams can really help your business flourish.

These two are not often seen together, but it actually makes a lot of sense to say that having your digital marketing and PR teams work together will ultimately achieve better results. By having the two teams collaborate with each other, you can reach a wider audience while bettering your customer experience.

Here are four strong reasons to have your business’s digital marketing and PR teams collaborate.

1. They both benefit from skill sharing

As stated earlier, both PR and digital marketing teams ultimately share the purpose of bettering your business’s brand; as such, sharing their skills and expertise would aid in achieving that goal smoothly. The rapidly changing landscape of the communications realm requires businesses to keep up with it, and the merge of these two teams can help ease that.

With the expertise of digital marketing agencies in new media, it can help bridge the gaps in social, content, design, and web-based briefs that a traditional PR team would not have. PR agencies, on the other hand, can offer their know-how regarding traditional media communications—which are, more often than not, forgotten by digital marketing agencies. This easily broadens the scope of your audience, making your brand even more accessible to almost anyone.

2. The combination of analysis and strategy

Data is only as good as how you interpret and use it. Digital marketing agencies have access to software that can monitor interactions and connections across a wide range of social platforms—a great wealth of data and information useful for future campaigns. With the data accumulated from the digital marketing team, PR can navigate and steer a particular campaign towards what is best for your business more easily. 

The shared pool of data can help promote numerous strategies and platforms to release better and more impactful content. Digital marketing has more short-term responses, using more seasonal trends to create quicker and more reactive content known to trend on social media. PR agencies, on the other hand, can help strategise by setting end-goals and using their more long-term planning for more prolonged projects.

3. The combined connections

Both digital marketing and PR have their own wealth of connections to help further the interests of their projects. By collaborating, they can form an incredibly powerful set of contacts that can really create and catapult a campaign to the front of almost any platform. The PR contacts can handle the headlines of more traditional media, while the digital marketing agencies’ connections can spread the business interest on the internet.

What makes it better for your business, however, is that these connections and contacts are trusted and more likely to be highly known by the public. While looking for them on your own may yield some worthy results, these agencies have tried and tested these contacts to the fullest extent.


Hiring a digital marketing agency and a PR agency to work together will yield fantastic results for your business. The shared resources and particular expertise each put on the table can be an arsenal for your business’s marketing campaign, ultimately giving you the security and assurance of a well-conceived marketing campaign.

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