Why Full-Funnel Strategies Boost Programmatic Displays

Since the birth of the Internet, consumer journeys have become part of an ever-changing digital environment that is both rapid and spontaneous. As such, marketing experts will preach the death of the classic marketing funnel—but to no avail. 


Contrary to popular claims, the marketing funnel is adaptable. As modern marketing becomes increasingly circular, the need for customer acquisition and an increase in sales remains steady. With new technology at your fingertips, you can tailor-make your full-funnel marketing strategy to enhance your programmatic display. 


The 3 Steps to Full-Funnel Marketing


Nowadays, marketing paths are less linear. However, some marketing musts never change. Like most good things, full-funnel marketing strategies happen in threes. Its standard formula comprises:



  • Video for Brand Awareness


For purposes of driving awareness and education, YouTube is a contemporary marketer’s best friend. The assets you incorporate will depend on the type of product or service you advertise—and a lot of test runs. 


Note that consumers love user-generated content and social proof. Feature lifestyle-focused assets and showcase satisfied customers demonstrating how to use your product. 



  • On-Site Engagement


Your story doesn’t conclude on YouTube. Use complementary display creatives to extend it. Vary your calls-to-action and creative assets across platforms while maintaining a consistent and coherent brand message. Customise your audience targeting to expand your viewer base. 



  • Engagement to Conversion


Keep your creative assets focused. This will drive site visitors to convert. Use a granular retargeting strategy to optimise bidding and a creative approach to appeal to audiences. Sort your attribution model to demonstrate upper-funnel and lower-funnel activity. 


Drive Excellent Results at a Lower Cost


High conversion activity isn’t the end-all-be-all of a high-performing marketing strategy. If you find yourself limited in reach and growth, a full-funnel system can improve brand awareness and audience size. 


Historically, YouTube ads make businesses more recognisable. Along with creating custom affinity and custom intent audiences, companies can increase their reach and engage with targeted users. Others might prefer to engage with audiences using influencer-generated content or simply craft for product-focused assets. 


Despite spending more on upper-funnel channels, with the help of a remote digital agency, year-on-year cost per acquisition tends to drop with full-funnel methods. By making an initial push for brand awareness, marketers can accompany display audiences as they journey down the funnel. Doing so makes them more likely to convert while decreasing the cost of attaining each conversion over time. 




Disregarding claims on Google, the funnel model is far from irrelevant. By dividing display activities according to their strengths along the purchase funnel, marketers can make more targeted conversions. To convince a consumer to purchase your product, you must first build the desire to do so. There’s no point in pursuing a strategy that looks great on paper but doesn’t take into consideration user behavior. 


By making Routes 4 Media your go-to cloud digital agency, you can entertain and inspire your existing U.K. customer base while reaching out to a new one. Our powerful, full-funnel content marketing strategies are one for the books and can take any shape or form, from video projects and blog posts. 

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