What You Need to Know About a Full-Funnel Marketing Approach

A marketing funnel is a visualisation of the process of turning your leads into paying customers. It helps you to see clearly where you are in the sales cycle and focuses on the best marketing tactics to use at each stage.


A full-funnel marketing approach is where you market the same product or service to your customer at every stage of their journey.


It all starts with a first, non-committal touch-point, and then a deeper connection is developed throughout the funnel.


Now that we’re on the same page about what full-funnel marketing is and why you should be using it, let’s define each of its steps.


  1. Brand Awareness


This is where you introduce your brand to your potential customers. These customers can be anyone interested in your products and services.


Your aim here is to put your brand out there in the market. This can be done by building your brand presence online, attending events and participating in public activities like competitions.


You need to remember that your goal here is for customers to know about your brand, but not necessarily about your product or service yet.


One effective way to generate brand awareness is through video advertising. You can use it for advertising your brand, products, services and even turn visitors into leads and customers.


The best type of video advertising for brand awareness is a testimonial video. It’s a great way to show customers why they should do business with you.


  1. First Touch-point


This is where you create a connection with your customers by actively giving them content relevant to what they are looking for.


You can do this by responding to their comments on your blog, for example, or by asking questions about the industry on social media.


You may also add them to a mailing list so that you can send them updates about your industry.


One effective way is by leveraging on personalised engagement, such as hyper-personalised EDMs and push notifications. You can also get more engagement with your first touch-point by using a welcome bot–an automated robot that can read the visitor’s data and message them with a welcome message.


For more engagement, a welcome bot can also read any data that the visitor has filled in in the form and respond with a relevant, personalised message.


  1. Social Connection


At this stage, you want to move your prospects from a non-committal touch-point to a social connection.


This is where you connect with your prospects on a deeper level. This can be done through Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn.


The goal at this stage is to help your prospects to get a feel for who you are and how you think.


Try to avoid the marketing pitch and use your social platforms to share content that will help your prospects learn more about you.


  1. Lead


At this stage, you want your social connections to become leads. This means they will be more open to receiving your marketing messages through your email list.


You need to put a clear call to action in your social media posts so that you can register your prospects’ email addresses.


One effective way is to focus on high-value customers to create more conversions. High-value customers can be identified by how much they spend, how often they spend, and how many times they make repeat purchases.


Once you have your high-value customers’ information, you can pitch to them by email. Use a series of emails to warm up your leads and create more leads for your business.


Or you may want to segment your leads based on the value you can give them. For example, you can select your top customer and ask them to give you feedback on your product or service.


  1. Sales


The final stage of full-funnel marketing is selling and helping your customers to get value from your product or service.


You might have multiple products and services, or you might offer a single product or service.


Either way, you need to offer what your customers want.


Understanding your customers and providing them with value is the most important thing you can do.




Full-funnel marketing is a full-cycle approach that helps you stay in touch with your existing customers and potential customers. With a full-funnel marketing approach, you can market your product or service to customers at every stage of their journey with your brand. If you’re unsure how to do this, you can always work with a cloud digital agency. 


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