Ways to Combine Your PR and Digital Marketing Efforts

Public relations (PR) is a strategic communication process that helps you establish meaningful relationships with your target audience, build trust and credibility in your brand, and raise awareness about your business. It involves getting your name out on television to maintain your favourable image and cultivate a positive public perception. 


PR is a traditional technique, but it remains a valuable asset to the growth of your business. It is a cost-effective process that lets you to keep your target audience engaged even without overtly selling a product or service.


On the other hand, digital marketing lets you promote your brand, products, and services via online digital channels. Taking advantage of this component of marketing allows you to connect with your potential and current customers on various platforms, such as search engines, emails, online ads, and social media.


PR and marketing are entirely separate from one another, but combining your PR and digital strategies can be beneficial to achieving your business goals in the long run. Here are some various ways to bring the two together harmoniously:

  • Send welcome emails to new subscribers


Welcome emails are messages you send to your new subscribers as soon as they sign up to your mailing list. To maintain a positive image and create a strong connection with them right away, avoid selling a product or service on your emails. Instead, introduce your brand properly, offer friendship, and make them feel that you want to help them.


Email marketing and PR work harmoniously and produce excellent results. Consider working with our remote digital agency to create a positive impression on your audience and engage with them in a personal way.

  • Create high-quality guest posts for influential websites 


Some big businesses have a hard time keeping up with the demand to create engaging content, so they accept contributions from brands like yours. This is the perfect way for you to combine your PR and digital marketing efforts. 


Producing high-quality blog posts with data-backed copy, fresh perspectives on common issues, and actionable insight is the go-to strategy in content marketing. But before publishing this type of content on your website, consider pitching it as a guest post to other influential and business-focused websites or websites of experts within your industry. This way, you can publish meaningful content while promoting your small business. 


Guest posts on authoritative websites that link back to yours help boost your SEO efforts by raising awareness about your brand and generating inbound links or backlinks. As a result, search results detect these backlinks and your pages can get top ranks on search engine results pages (SERPs). More high-quality backlinks to your website mean better SERP status for your website.


You can partner with our digital PR agency in London to help you with your PR and marketing strategies. We specialise in digital PR, creative content creation, SEO, social media marketing, and more. Our team consists of award-winning journalists with extensive experience, so you are assured that we are more than capable of addressing your needs.




If you have a separate PR and digital marketing teams with different tasks, budgets, and goals, it’s advisable to have them work together. Public relations complement your digital marketing strategies. When these efforts are combined, you can successfully reach your audience, improve your brand awareness, and create a positive image of your brand. 


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