TikTok – Is It A Marketers Dream App?

TikTok has become one of the fastest-growing apps, surpassing Facebook, Whatsapp and Instagram, and with over 1 billion active users, it is certainly making its mark.

It has a valuation of $75 billion and is run by ByteDance, the short-form video platform is all about providing users with content that relates to their online activity, location and demographics. Essentially, this app is changing the way in which marketers can target the right audience and what’s more, it is extremely intuitive.

TikTok - Is It A Marketers Dream App?

The Impact of Video

Video is king in a media-driven age where users want access to content quickly, efficiently and effectively and this where TikTok works so well.

Marketers now have the chance to create video content that makes an impact and everyone can become creative. To add to this, it gives marketers the chance to hit their target market with content that delivers results.

When users can watch videos and engage, it offers them the chance to interact with brands and businesses quickly. In this age of comments, shares and likes, it is important that marketers can harness apps such as TikTok and use the platform to enhance brand vision and appeal.

The truth is, it takes seconds to master TikTok and that provides marketers with the chance to familiarise themselves with the platform and begin creating videos that work. 

The app broadens the horizon for marketers, providing them with the ability to create impactful videos. Through the use of sound effects, hashtagging, interactions and encouraging people to watch videos till the end, it enables marketers to produce great content that works in the right way.

What’s more, the app makes it extremely easy for videos to achieve high levels of likes and views and it takes minimal effort to hit 10,000 views. The first post is crucial and if marketers spend time perfecting it then they appear in the “For You” section of the app, instantly putting videos in front of a ready-made audience. 

TikTok is particularly clever as it utilises an algorithm that considers demographics such as age and gender, making content relevant and usable. What this means is that marketers and brands can win people over, ensure that they fall in love with products and services before making money. Advertisers are given guaranteed access to more than 5m engaged impressions every day. Furthermore, the platform has not been saturated and so, users are still not showing signs of banner blindness. What this means for marketers is that users are still receptive to videos and ads, enhancing success and conversions. 

The reality is that TikTok is changing the game and changing the way in which marketers approach their target market. The platform works but so does the creative format. In fact, it is considered to be a lot cheaper than other advertising formats when it comes to engagement and reach. Therefore, this is raw content that gets results and as it stands, brands and marketers are growing and setting the scene for their audience. They are preparing themselves for a time when the monetisation opportunities arise from the platform and they will arrive, it is simply just a matter of time.