The Facebook Ads Strategy That Is Smashing It Right Now for eCommerce! [Complete Walkthrough]

Despite all that is going on in the world right now, with COVID-19, this is the Facebook Ads strategy that is smashing it right now for eCommerce! A Complete walkthrough…

Campaign breakdown below, followed by the detail.

TOF —> Brand Awarness
TOF —> Video Views
TOF —> Conversion To Cold
MOF —> Conversions
BOF —> Conversions


1 Ad Set – Wide Open, excluding 30 Day, all page engagements, video views, and all website visits.

The purpose of this campaign is just to make people aware of your brand. A crucial first step.


The same layout as brand awareness.


Start with 8 – 12 ad sets. Basic layout below…

ADSET 1 = SUPER LAA 1% (all your 1%’s)
ADSET 2= SUPER LAA 5% (all your 5%’s)
ADSET 3= SUPER LAA 10% (all your 10%’s)
ADSET 4= Interest
ADSET 5= Interest
ADSET 6= Interest
ADSET 7= Wide Open or Interest
ADSET 8= Wide Open

Within the ad sets, run 4+ creatives.

Single image

This is simply to see what performs the best.

Once we’ve tested different types of creatives, we’ll focus on what performed the best.

At this level, keep the copy pretty simple. Here are a few formulas that have been working.

[Big Promise + Comparison Of Competition]
[Social Proof Quote] OR
[Big Promise + Mechanism] OR

✅ Benefit 1
✅ Benefit 2
✅ Benefit 3

Get Yours During Our Spring Sale!
*While Supplies Last*


During this phase, we will be targeting people who know about the brand but have not purchased from us.

ADSET 1= All Page Engagements
ADSET 2= Any Post Or Ad Engagement
ADSET 3= Video View
ADSET 4= IG All Page Engagements
ADSET 5= IG Any Post Or Ad Engagement

Within these ad sets we usually run 3 – 5 different creatives.

The process is pretty much the same as TOF…

Start with –

Single Image

See what works best and focus on that.

We’ve noticed that video and single images tend to perform best, but this does vary!

Copy for this level is also pretty simple.

Remember, we’re retargeting here so your copy could look something like this…

Hey! Noticed you’ve been creepin’ on us 😄

Discount + Deadline


ADSET 1: All website visits excluding content views
ADSET 2: Content view excluding add to carts
ADSET 3: Add to carts excluding Initiate checkouts
ADSET 4: Initiate checkouts excluding purchases

This is usually your last chance to drive them back to the website, so we’re aggressive at this stage.

The copy usually looks something like this –

Hey! Noticed you checked out XYZ but decided not to get it…
Come get xx% off your entire order today!

That’s it.

Questions? Comment below!

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