The Benefits of Using Social Media for Recruiting

When hiring employees, social media can help you find great candidates, which will decrease your costs and speed up the recruitment process altogether. Here are some of the benefits of using social media when recruiting people to fill your company’s ranks.

A broader reach

You could just post your job advert on online job boards or databases then wait for applications to come in, but that’s only effective for candidates that are actively looking for work in such places. You might miss out on a whole bunch of qualified workers who aren’t on online job boards or databases but are active on social media instead. You should consider posting your advert there as well. In other words, post on boards, forums and groups where your ideal candidates would be lurking.

Stalking privileges

Many recruiters might use social media as a screening tool by checking you out on various platforms. Background checks are a logical step in the recruitment process since the recruiter might want to learn more about an applicant beyond what’s on his or her CV. They might find that the person doesn’t match the company culture or isn’t someone they would consider for a certain position. This will allow them to reject an applicant without having to do an interview.

Cutting costs

Social media recruiting is mostly free – since all you need to do is target suitable candidates and talk to them. You’ll be able to create an account of your own and use it to seek out candidates more easily. If things don’t work out, no harm was done, and everyone can move on. If you do want to pay for advertising your job openings, it’s not that expensive, but costs can get higher as more clicks come in. Without social media, it will take recruiters a lot of time to screen applicants. If you use social media, you’ll be able to do it all in one go. You won’t have to face anyone in person, which will speed things up.

Engagement before approaching

Through social media, you’ll be able to look at someone’s CV without having to meet him or her in person just yet. This will allow you to make a conscious decision about who to schedule an interview with.

By doing so, you will save yourself precious time. Imagine if you had to face applicants blindly, without knowing anything about them. Social media can help you figure out whether you want to approach them or not. You can see if you feel like a person can be trusted or not based on their social media, then confirm your suspicions during the interview.

Better employees
Employees are the heart of your company culture. They make up your branding, they work closely with your clients, and they’ll be the first people your customers talk to. With social media, you can pre-screen your employees before hiring them. You’ll be able to bring in more quality candidates, meaning you won’t have to work as hard to find good people.

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