The 4 Ways Email Automation Can Help Grow Your Business

In today’s day and age, everyone you know has an e-mail address. This information has become beneficial for brands and marketers who have learned to adapt and thrive with technological progress. They’ve done so with the help of email automation, a method that remote digital agencies have championed for the past few years.


Email automation is a marketing strategy that helps businesses communicate and engage with potential customers. More specifically, it helps brands better market and maintain contact with their customers by automating individual messages based on recipient actions.


Email automation helps companies know what their customers want and need through predictive analytics. It keeps your company top-of-mind and increases your ability to convert leads into paying customers.


What advantages does this bring you? Here are four ways you can use email automation to grow your business:


  1. Trigger Emails Based on Behaviour


It’s no secret that the best time to market your products is when the time is right. Email automation allows you to send messages at just the right time.


For example, if you know your customer purchased a new product, you can trigger an email to remind them to leave a review or give them a coupon for their next purchase.


  1. Use Email Automation for Thought Leadership


Email automation helps you distribute your best content to a specific audience. However, you can use it to transform your best content into thought leadership.


Thought leadership is a marketing practice where you share your knowledge and expertise with a wider audience. This can be helpful when you want to showcase your expertise or get new clients.


A good way to do this is to put together a short eBook or whitepaper. You can then distribute that document through email automation.


  1. Build a Connection and Offer Useful Information


There are two ways you can use email automation to build a relationship with your customers.


First, you can use automation to send personal, relevant messages based on the actions of your customers. For example, if a customer visited your webpage, abandoned a cart, or opened an email, you can trigger an email that offers a discount or coupon that’s relevant to their purchase.


Secondly, you can use automation to provide helpful content to customers. This is especially helpful when promoting a new product. You can send an email with a summary of the features, benefits and requirements to help your customers understand your product better.


  1. Use Automated Drip Campaigns


A drip campaign is a series of emails sent out on a schedule to nurture your customers and drive them towards a sale.


This can be useful when you want your customers to buy something from your store or if you need to convey a longer message. With drip campaigns, you can have a meaningful dialogue with your customer base.


Make Marketing Easier


Email automation has one goal: make marketing easier. It’s a way to increase your engagement and open rates while decreasing your workload.


The key to using e-mail automation effectively is to know what your customers want. It would be best if you started with a list of features and benefits. Then, figure out the different scenarios wherein your potential customers might want those features.


Email automation is a potent tool for growing your business. Use these five tips to improve your company’s growth and to grow your revenue consistently.


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