Stop, Look, and Ponder – Social Media Mistakes You May Be Committing

It’s logical to assume that most people in the world have their own social media profiles. With billions of active users monthly, what else could have led to the success of social platform giants like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter? With so many users to target, it’s no wonder that social media has now become one of the most widely used forms of digital marketing, right next to SEO. It exposes your business to huge pools of audiences, helping you generate quality leads and earn sales. 


Unfortunately, most businesses work under false pretences of social media. There are countless marketing guides available online, most of which require you to stay authentic, create quality content, and maintain engagement with prospects. More often than not, however, these efforts come up short.


Although you’re doing most things right, the pitfalls just cancel out the good. With that being said, here are common social media mistakes you simply must avoid:


Mistake #1: Making everyone your audience 


Although social media is a vast world, assuming that everyone is your audience is a recipe for disaster. An effective marketing campaign entails a thorough understanding of your audience, which should be far from a simple analysis. 


User profiles vary in terms of age, location, interest, and social status—to ensure that your brand reaches the right ears, study your audience, and understand their buying habits. You’ll be able to not only come up with precise targeting but help you use the right tone and content accordingly. 


Mistake #2: Opting for a wrong tone 


Social media profiles are meant to connect individuals, giving them the freedom to adopt a persona that resonates with who they are in real life. In other words, they’re free to do whatever they want. A brand’s profile, however, cannot enjoy that same freedom. With prying eyes and demanding commands, businesses are subject to scrutiny. 


To ensure that you are always met with welcoming comments and other forms of engagement, adopt a brand voice that resonates. Too official will deem you boring, while too casual will come off as rude, sometimes even offensive. Too much humour can also fail, so before you begin posting, reflect on what kind of brand you wish to convey. 


Mistake #3: Never engaging 


Every firm, remote digital agency or otherwise, speaks highly of engagement. If you wish to attract audiences, staying silent in the comments section is a social media sin. This makes you miss out on pleasing the algorithm, which is necessary for boosting your rates. A post garnering a lot of comments allows people to see that post better, earning you a better status on your social media pages.


Leaving comments also ensures that you appeal to your audiences, as this is the best way to establish connections. So long as you keep responding to their comments, they’ll take it as a sign of care—the more you care, the more they’ll like your brand.  


Ready, Set, Post!


Although highly beneficial, building a solid social media presence is never an easy feat. it requires precision and just a hint of humanity, as well as strategies that truly deliver. If you truly think about it, the mistakes written above are not hard to make—and that’s exactly what makes social media tricky to use. As you craft your social media campaigns, keep the aforementioned in mind—from now on, post with caution!


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