Social Media Trends That Brands Can Anticipate This 2022

2022 is just a few blinks away. Is your business prepared to set the tone for the new year? 


The social media marketing industry is foreseen to continue growing with the incoming year. Tech companies are bringing technological advancements you can take advantage of, and social media platforms have implemented changes in 2021, which are seen to stay in 2022.


This article will run you through the social media trends you can take advantage of in 2022.


Getting into TikTok Marketing


You may think that TikTok is only for Gen Z audiences or hip brands, but this is far from the truth. TikTok is a great social media platform for building a solid and loyal following, whether Gen Z or Millennials. 


According to CNBC, TikTok is available to over 150 countries and has over one billion monthly users. You can tap into these people whether you are a brand, influencer, or content creator on TikTok.


Other platforms are now offering a similar short-form video format, such as Instagram Reels and YouTube shorts, but TikTok has built up its massive user base that will continue to dominate in 2022.


Continuous Growth in E-commerce


E-commerce companies are seen to continue their growth and elevate their brand presence in 2022. This is made possible through social selling, which seeks the help of influencers to promote products and drive purchases online.


When applied with social media advertising, you can collaborate with these influencers to target specific markets and active listeners who would be interested in your product or service.


Fast and Effective Online Communication


Waiting until 8am sharp for customer service availability is a thing of the past. Brands can now offer fast and effective customer service 24/7 through their social media page’s direct messages (DMs). This feature is essential for building long-lasting relationships with your consumers.


Whether it’s a message through your DMs or a WhatsApp number, providing customer support through these methods gives your customers an effortless service experience that reflects on your brand.


The Rise of Short-Form Video Content


Other than TikTok, other social media platforms such as YouTube Shorts, Instagram Reels, and Snapchat enable you to reach a high volume of people through short-form video content.


These videos are ideal for sending information, keeping your audience educated and entertained within a few seconds.


More Engaging AR Technology


Various technological advancements such as virtual reality (VR), mixed reality, and augmented reality (AR) will likely change the social media experience in the coming years.


AR content can be consumed through a phone without needing to invest in VR gear. Creating content through AR technology can allow users to engage and enjoy your brand differently.


Differentiating Your Audience


Before hopping into these trends, it is crucial to consider your target market. Different generations of audiences use social media for various reasons. Here are some differences:


  • Gen Zs use social media for entertainment, building communities, and learning about products
  • Millennials use social media to keep up with news, current events and to stay entertained during their spare time
  • Gen X is likely to unfollow your business if you say something that offends them or opposes their beliefs
  • Baby Boomers are committed social media users with the wallet to spend online


A remote digital agency can help you formulate your social media strategy in a way that is engaging and attractive to your specific audience.




Changes and trends are coming along with the new year. Businesses need to take advantage of these changes to keep up with the market. There are various ways for you to reach and engage with your audience this 2022. A cloud digital agency can help you incorporate these trends into your social media marketing strategy and grow your brand.


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