Social Media Hiring – What to Consider and Where to Connect

If you are looking to recruit new employees, you should strongly consider using social media as a tool. Contrary to popular belief, its platforms are not merely online hubs for entertainment or leisure; they are home to many legitimate industry groups and competent individuals. But how can your HR department use it to your business’s advantage?


This guide will help you to lead the efforts on the effective recruitment process on social media. As compared to the traditional hiring process, remote hiring has become more prevalent due to its reach and efficiency. 


Gone are the days of having applicants wait in the lobby and interviewing them one by one. Today, it’s far more efficient to use social media due to its online reach and analytical approach. Here’s how you can take advantage of it:  



  • Define the positions needed and consider which social media platforms to use



As any HR department will do, you need to lock in the responsibilities, employee benefits, salary, and other vital information concerning the positions you’re looking to fill. This is foundational to your integration of social media and your approach to the hiring process. 


Facebook has tools for exactly this setup. In fact, there is now a Jobs tab for curious users to browse positions they can consider. Because there is also the “About Me” feature on the Facebook profile, employers can quickly screen online applicants. 


Besides Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter are also good social media platforms suited for the recruitment process. Consider these platforms as you work on the job description and details for hiring. 



  • Look into the possibility of remote work 



On social media platforms and modern work steups in general, remote positions are perhaps the most popular work setups. This is due to the rise of prominent technologies, such as Slack and Google tools like Drive, Docs, and Sheets. 


Employees nowadays don’t need to be physically present to produce quality work. In fact, the remote work setup has given more opportunities for workers worldwide to collaborate with different offices and widen their knowledge on different work cultures and environments. 


If this is a viable option for your office, consider remote work and remotely interviewing your applicants through Skype or other video conferencing platforms. In general, remote work is a refreshing work dynamic that is making waves across different industries. 



  • Consider targeting specific groups or online communities



Another popular option among social media recruiting is the use of online groups or forums for connecting with users of interest or distinction. For example, a cloud digital agency can join a group of graphic artists and designers. They can upload the job postings there and interact with users directly. 


This approach to social media hiring is more interactive in nature and can enable effective referrals. Users can also directly interact by presenting their digital portfolio or digitised curriculum vitae. As the working world is more connected through social media, the remote hiring process is simply a natural course of progression. 


  • Stay professional with social media advertising 


Due to the targeted nature of social media ads, recruiters can also utilise them to launch either local or worldwide campaigns. These ads will appear before users who are directly linked to the specific industry. Plus, it is more effective than merely posting on the business’s social media page. 




Social media hiring is not a mere online trend, it has become a valued tool in the modernised recruitment process. Consider it today to find the talent you need to round out your company’s ranks!


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