Social media advertising

Social media advertising

You have probably come across the term Paid Social when it comes to building brand awareness, remarketing and direct response.


We use highly actionable data only to build the most relevant and valuable audiences for you. Did you know that every single one of your users share an extensive amount of personal data on social media channels which can act as a compass to direct your social media and digital marketing campaign?

Social media advertising Routes 4 Media
Step 1

We combine first-party data with third-party data gathered from trending social media channels to grow your audience by giving them what they want and engaging them with just the right messaging.


Step 2

We begin developing a deep understanding of your brand, audience and aspirations. We then understand audience personas inside and out, including their online behaviour, so we can segment them for better targeting.

Step 3

We develop a social media outreach plan to target your audience through the right channels, during which, you can assess our performance through pre-defined forecasts.

Step 4

An extensive digital advertising campaign and A/B testing landing pages is all in a day’s work for us as we get you ready for the launch.

Step 5

Once your campaign goes live, we remain in a constant loop of testing, optimising, controlling and refinement.

Step 6

It is important to understand that audiences and platforms on social media demand a completely dynamic approach. We do all the reporting for you with real-time updates, seeing to it that all your stakeholders’ requirements are being met.