If you are an estate or letting agent and you are interested in social media advertising, you might be wondering if you’re going to get results versus your traditional channels.  After all, there are so many channels when it comes to buying, letting, renting or selling your property – will social media advertising be a short term or a long-term solution?


Undoubtedly, when it comes to making a sale or a let, you’re keen to involve as few 3rd parties as possible. But did you know that social media advertising for property is actually a very good long-term strategy that can help grow your company or business by driving relevant traffic, better SEO power and interested people towards you and your properties?


According to one study, 94% of millennials and 84% baby boomers used various sites to search for their future home.


Why social media works for Estate and Lettings Agents

Think about how clients usually find you. It’s likely they start with a search engine and type in some phrase like “real estate agent [city].” If your website accurately depicts your information, you should be easy to locate and have shareable listings. Being on social media makes this search even more relevant because their connections may also be following or engaging with you. Suddenly you have gone from being an unknow entity to someone they can trust.


This is why social media works perfectly for estate agents – as you know, referrals are the best kind of marketing for your business.


An online social media presence such as an active Twitter, Instagram or Facebook Page, enables you to collect both reviews and advertise your services. For ease of communication, you can make sure clients can book appointments with you or message for questions – a one stop shop!


When it comes to advertising your lettings, social media also provides an advantage in cots. Unlike paper-based mail outs, letters and door drops, cold calls and traditional marketing campaigns, you’re saving money and reaching the people most relevant to your properties.

Whether you are looking for new families, newlyweds or single males to let your property, people moving to or travelling to your area, the data we willingly provide social networks allows you to target at a granular level and reach these people immediately.


So, how can we help you?

We are experts in building strategies when it comes to social media advertising for property and we’ve helped estate and lettings agents like you.


Here are just a few ideas we could help you implement.


  1. Social media video

Using Facebook Live for business lets you provide a behind-the-scenes, unedited look of a property. If you promote it before the listing goes up, it gives your followers a feeling of an inside scoop. These videos are excellent at engaging your audience and are often highly ranked in Facebook feeds. Why not speak to us about how to shoot, create and position a video for sales success?


  1. Social media advertising


Targeted campaigns are easy to execute when you know how. What if we could help you find people in a certain radius of your most desirable properties? Speak to us and we’ll show you the tricks we use.


  1. Design


As you know from presenting a property, it’s all about presentation. We can help you clean up your social media channels or create a new platform for your brand that showcases your unique service proposition, making you instantly more appealing to clients.


  1. Quick fixes

We want to take a look at your current social media standing so we can help with quick wins or fixes before turning our attention to the long-term solutions for you. After configuring the goal of your campaign, we will take the personas you need to let or buy your properties and will use various targeting options across the right social networks for you to attract them. We can layer on precise options, and ensure you’re showing your ads to the right audience. You’ll always be in control of the spend, with an understanding of what’s happening and what results you’re getting.


Why not take a look at some of our previous successes in social media for estate and lettings agents like you? Click here to see our latest case study.