Social Advertising for 2021- Utilising Your Followers’ Reach

Companies that managed to survive the challenges of COVID-19 deserve to have a pat on the back for making it this long. With 2020 finished with, there’s plenty of positive news to look forward to once businesses start booming again for a post-COVID-19 environment.

The start of 2021 leads to many insights into how modern customers are approaching online shopping from the previous years. Most consumers prefer to use social networks for their essential and luxurious needs, partly due to the healthcare restrictions of the COVID-19 pandemic. This shift in online behaviour is an opportunity for business owners to tap into online interactions’ cascading effect to further their marketing campaigns. This is where the power of social advertising strategies work their best.

Using your followers’ reach to your advantage


Small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) don’t have an expansive budget to match their marketing needs, which is why it’s not uncommon to outsource a remote digital agency. As an alternative, most companies capitalise on digital networks to expand their brand’s reach. The accessibility of social media platforms allows organic engagement, referral marketing and PPC marketing as viable methods to increase your online visibility. These three strategies can benefit your brand, especially during the start of the year when consumers are reliably using digital platforms to find products and services.


If you want to optimise your brand’s reach during this 2021, here are three ways to reinforce your social advertising strategy:


  1. Think about mobile


More and more consumers prefer mobile devices to access the internet. It’s not uncommon for people to have apps for different social platforms like Snapchat, TikTok and more. For your marketing campaigns, you shouldn’t shy away from tapping into these networks to expand your brand’s reach. Setting up official accounts of your brand through these networks can considerably multiply your online visibility to focus on mobile device interactions.


  1. Interact with different networks


It’s not enough to build your business’s credibility in one social media platform; you should also invest in integrating your various networks. Some brands make the mistake of focusing their reach on one platform and abandoning engagement in another. Linking your Instagram with your Facebook and vice versa can divert unique viewers to multiple platforms simultaneously. Keep in mind that you should produce bespoke content per platform to avoid reusing the same posts only in different formats.


Additionally, you can use the accessibility of page and account analytics to track your marketing campaigns’ progress. Remember to analyse your data, from page engagements to bounce rates. Doing so will enable you to refine your marketing campaigns.


  1. Retarget your sales funnels


Your strategies won’t have any effect if you don’t appeal to your target demographic. Your marketing team needs to prioritise creating ads that are relevant, informational and conversational all at once. Besides providing solutions to your customers’ needs, your content’s relatability will make it easier to analyse through search engine queries. For voice search specifically, you’ll generally gain more visibility the more accurate and conversational your keywords and marketing copies are.




It’s important to remember that marketing strategies are only effective if you know your target demographic. By understanding your customers’ needs and online behaviour, you can develop better tactics to gain their attention and provide better engagement for your sales figures. The better you can integrate your consumers’ needs, the more likely your subscribers will make your marketing work for you. Organic engagement and interactions will allow you to save money on marketing efforts while simultaneously receiving a steady influx of activity that boosts your brand’s online visibility.


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