PPC Advertising

PPC is always changing. Consumer intent, the landscape, technology, and platforms continue to evolve. Routes 4 Media has the right people, technology, and approach to ensure your paid search activity is at the forefront of digital innovation.  



PPC Routes 4 Media

We are proud to be rated by Google as one of their handful of elite Premier Partners which is a very hard status to achieve. The grading takes into account the amount of ad spend we manage, client feedback, new client volumes and most importantly the high average performance index we deliver for campaigns across the board.


It means we work hand in hand with Google, have a team over there dedicated to supporting us and also we get access to loads of cool beta tools that other agencies will have to wait months to get their hands on. This relationship gives us a cutting edge over our competitors and enables our clients to perform to a higher level over their competition as well.

Our process

Stage 1 – Competitor/ Sector/ Keyword Research

In our opinion the key to launching an effective campaign is down to preparation, research and data gathering. To do that we immerse ourselves in your company and industry, learning about your objectives, competitors and unique selling points to create a bespoke PPC strategy.


This first stage will see us getting into your key competitor’s campaigns and looking at their website alongside yours in the context of conversion rate optimisation. In addition to the work we do we also setup a meeting with our dedicated team at Google and task them with crunching numbers and conducting analysis at their end. They are able to add so much value by providing exclusive access to data that they hold that we are able to access.


Combining ours and Google’s advanced industry tools our teams combine to analyse keyword trends and search volumes, locally, nationally and Globally. We cross reference all the data to pin down top performing keyword targets, ad copy and locations.


As data geeks we fully appreciate the direct relationship between search intent and conversions, so our team of specialists will select the most relevant keywords that have the best chance of creating strong user engagement flowing through our funnel to your bottom line. Clicks and conversions are all very well but we know the success of any campaign is based upon the ROI our clients receive. For that reason we always like to start our work by learning about your margins and cost per acquisition figures that are required to deliver a healthy campaign ROI.

Stage 2 – Goals / KPI’s

The great thing about PPC is that pretty much everything can be tracked even down to every call you receive. We like to ensure that at the outset we have as many ‘holes in the bucket’ plugged (so to speak) to ensure the impact of our work can be calculated down to the last penny. Our advanced tracking systems will ensure that we report on each conversion, whether that be a website form, e-commerce transaction or phone call. Our team will help create clearly defined goals and KPI’s so that your campaigns deliver on the things that matter most to your business.

Phase 3 - Campaign Creation

When all the data is in our team of experts and techs at Google set about building your new campaign.  This process is dynamic and different with each new build as each one is tailored specifically to your individual requirements and goals. What to expect from our builds:


Granular Adgroup Structure – Keywords are grouped into tight themes so that your ad text closely matches the users query.


Ad Creation – We create ads for desktop and phone devices ensuring we extract the maximum click through rate.


Split Testing – Ads are continuously split tested across each device to maximise performance.


Negative Keywords – To eliminate wasted spend we create extensive negative keyword lists spanning your entire account or individual AdGroups.


Bid Strategy – Using your defined goals and KPI’s a custom bid strategy will be deployed to ensure we maximise exposure and deliver ROI.


Ad Extensions – We create and customise the latest ad extensions across each of your ads so that they look visually appealing to users. These include site links, callout, call, review and seller rating extensions.


Location Settings – Whether you target clients locally, nationally or internationally we structure your campaigns accordingly.

Phase 4 – Site Analysis, Competitor Analysis/ Conversion Rate Optimisation

In addition to the offsite campaign work we also conduct analysis of your own website by way of a health check and to ensure it is set up correctly to funnel traffic through to sales/ leads. We run reports looking at the speed of your website and assessing how well it performs for desktops and mobile devices. This analysis is very important as it directly impacts on the all-important Quality Scores that in time underpin your campaign. The next set of analysis we conduct is looking at your website alongside your competitors to see what changes or gains can be made from their processes.


Finally, we look at your website more closely and conduct a conversion rate optimisation (CRO) audit of your general site and landing pages. Again, we need to ensure your site is set up and ready to convert the paid traffic to business, so any concerns or changes are identified and raised at this early stage.

Phase 5 – Client Approval

Before any campaigns go live, we will run through the campaign with you and go through a double check snagging process. We really try to understand every client’s business, product and service but nobody knows your business better than you! Using your industry knowledge and our specialist skills, this phase allows us to fine tune your campaigns and make sure no stone is left unturned.

Phase 6 – Account Management & Ongoing Optimisation

You will be allocated a dedicated account manager who will be on hand to discuss your account and help you track progress.


Pay Per Click optimisation is an ongoing and constant process of incremental changes and fine tuning. We make these changes, try new methods of delivery, split test, analyse, evolve and repeat. Approaching optimisation in a regimented and analytical fashion delivers the results our clients demand and expect.


Our bid management software analyses all your metrics and account data working to generate more revenue for your business. The more data our system gathers the more accurately it can deliver conversions across your campaigns. Out techs are top of their game and many are ex Google employees so intertwining their skills with our advanced bid management software ensures we deliver outstanding results.

Phase 7 – Transparency & reporting

We believe in 100% transparency. We believe you should know exactly where your money is being spent so you will always have direct access to your PPC accounts. All the work that we do for you is your intellectual property no smoke, no mirrors just transparency.


We produce reports to meet your specific needs, be that weekly, monthly or ad hoc reports. We aim to have regular conversations on the phone and face to face meetings. Our monthly reports present performance data for the last 30 days in the context of the accounts historical performance allowing you to easily see the impact of our optimisation work on your key metrics. We back this report up with a call from your account manager to answer questions and discuss the ongoing strategy.