SEO and PPC – Their Synergies and Why You Should Pair Them

Search engine optimisation and pay-per-click marketing are two different strategies. A business could employ both tactics either through an in-house department or a cloud digital agency. Even though these strategies are very different, they actually work well together. As long as they are intentionally used to benefit each other, they work wonderfully.

Here are some reasons why SEO and PPC work together so well.

More Data to Work With

If you use both Adwords campaigns and SEO, you’ll get double the keyword data. If you’ve got double the data, then you’re also going to be able to learn at a faster pace. This data also helps you figure out where to expand your campaigns further. If you want to add to your existing keyword list, then you can quite easily use your organic keyword data and see if there are any high-quality keywords that have already performed well that you could add.

PPC Can Help Inform SEO

A particularly important advantage of PPC marketing is its ability to quickly test variables and see results quickly. A/B testing is extremely useful and isn’t just there to help your PPC campaigns. You can actually use A/B testing to help your SEO strategy. If you first A/B test your headlines and ad copy, use that data to figure out what works well with the users, and you’ll be able to find out what works in PPC. Then, after you gather all this data, you can apply it to various SEO meta descriptions, title tags, etc. Usually, if it works for PPC, it will work for SEO.

PPC Can Help You Test Keywords

You can use PPC campaigns to test if a particular keyword will be useful in driving conversions. As mentioned earlier, PPC can help you A/B test things such as keywords and find out which are worth investing in. With this data, you can then update your organic keyword strategy.

Using Both PPC and SEO to Retarget Users

Remarketing campaigns are already known for being extremely useful at targeting users who did not convert on their first visit. This is true regardless of which campaign they came from (PPC campaign, organic listing, social media, etc.) Users like this are already aware of your brand or products, so this follow-up campaign builds brand awareness and makes them more likely to revisit and convert.

Using PPC and Organic Listings to Be on Top of the Search Engine Results Page

If you have the most representation on a search engine results page, you’re going to have some of the best online marketing performance. In fact, 89% of your traffic generated by search ads isn’t made up for by organic clicks when you aren’t running any ads.

Again, that’s nearly 90% less traffic if you don’t use both PPC and organic listings!


If you’re going to run a PPC or SEO campaign, you might as well run them both. Make sure that if you plan to hire a remote digital agency, they involve both PPC and SEO, and see them as a cohesive unit. They must support each other and work together. If you do this, you’ll definitely see improvement in your conversions.

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