When it comes to recruitment, you might be a bit fed up of traditional methods of acquiring new talent – and rightly so. Often expensive, and time consuming, nowadays, the best candidates are actively seeking their ideal company for their next move online – right now!

When we say online, social media is where we mean. Did you know that 56% of companies surveyed found their best candidates via social media compared with online job boards at 37 percent?

That’s a surprising secret!

It’s not just candidates who are looking on social channels for casual referrals either – active social media advertising is the key behind the successful recruitment of a range of high profile individuals.

The LinkedIn Global Recruiting Trends 2016 report found that 47 percent of the 3,894 hiring managers surveyed say social media is the most effective way to showcase their brand online.

Just like marketing and advertising services across other channels and avenues, social media marketing for recruitment builds your profile and brand in a way that gives long term results.

When job boards simply charge for the immediate adverts you place, and don’t drive links or traffic back to your pages, it makes so much more sense to capture and engage people on the channels they are already spending time on, helping them see your business or company as their next smart move.

Another reason to consider social media advertising for recruitment is the power of a referral. Whilst your dream candidate might not be connected to you now– what about someone in their social circle? Studies have shown for example that the average number of connections on LinkedIn is 930 – and a simple advert at a low cost or a social media campaign specifically towards recruitment can soon work its way towards the right people. The benefit? People trust recommendations.

Social media advertising for recruitment is a great way to boost a referral programme too. A 2015 ICIMS study found that 63 percent of the 107 HR professionals surveyed say they have a documented referral program, and more than half agree that referred employees stay longer, feel more satisfaction, and are better cultural fits – social media take the whole concept of referrals and brings it bang up to date.

So, how can we help you?

We are experts in building strategies when it comes to social media advertising for recruitment success. We will work with you to learn more about your business and what a great candidate looks like. You might have specific roles or perhaps want to build your brand with relevant people in preparation for a future campaign. We will then take a look at your current social media standing so we can help with quick wins or fixes before turning our attention to the long-term solutions you need. After configuring the goal of your campaign, we will take the personas you need to let or buy your properties and will use various targeting options across the right social networks for you to attract them. We can layer on precise options, and ensure you’re showing your ads to the right audience. You’ll always be in control of the spend, with an understanding of what’s happening and what results you’re getting.

Why not take a look at a few of our relevant case studies where we have used social media advertising for recruitment?

Alternatively, get in touch with us here and we can guide you through the next best steps to advertising your roles and achieving long term interest in your brand.