Pearly Whites

Advertising, Marketing
About This Project

Voted Australia’s most popular at-home teeth whitening brand, Pearly Whites is one of the global leaders in a very competitive marketplace.


We were asked to develop a social media marketing and advertising strategy, which included Facebook and Instagram, with an influencer marketing element.


Content and targeting was very much the focus of our strategy – creating very engaging content, for a young social media savvy demographic. We used short videos, testimonials, funny images and influencer outreach to quickly establish the brand through social media, and to drive traffic and sales.


The results included a combined social media following of over 140,000 engaged users, sales of $600K AUD in the first eight months of activity, and monthly website traffic grew from 2,000 visits to over 100,000 visits per month.


‘Thank you for your support. Your work has been key to our successful growth through social media.’


Pearly Whites