Fifi Rong – Groundbreaking artist

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About This Project


Who are the client?

Fifi Rong [] is a London-based vocalist, songwriter and electronic music producer. A groundbreaking artist, she is the first to succeed in organically integrating Chinese influences into western popular music, gliding effortlessly across an eclectic range of contemporary genres. Her trademark hybrid sound is a seamless blend of Electronic, Pop, Jazz, Alternative R&B, Experimental and UK Bass music, accentuating her unmistakably melancholic and sensual vocals.


What was the challenge?

Promotion of an upcoming EP, through establishing new relationships with digital influencers.


The solution?

Research. Research. Research! Our thorough team of researchers, combined with some clever tech, set about finding the best, most relevant social media influencers and press. We focused not just on those with extremely large followings, but instead on those who had very relevant followings, of users that we thought would be interested in Fifi’s release. The next step was to compose sample promotional copy [so they could visualise what we had in mind] and to reach out to them, over social media, email and phone. Once we had signed up and agreed terms with the influencers, we created a detailed social media content plan, which set out clear messaging and helped coordinate all the campaigns.


The results?

Top influencers on-board | National press


“Amazing results and a pleasure to work with”

– Emma | Fifi Rong’s Agency