Scaling An 130 Year Old Brand

Generating high value digital leads and driving eCommerce sales for Huntsman Savile Row.


Huntsman is a bespoke tailor of the highest tradition, with a history that stretches back over 170 years making the most extraordinary clothes for discerning gentlemen and ladies. They are one of the most recognised and famed luxury tailors in the world. Wanting to increase the number of leads that they receive via their website and to drive sales for the new eCommerce side of the business, Huntsman approached us to help them scale.


A full-funnel data-driven strategy that allowed us to scale profitably and grow faster. This approach allowed us to account for each level of the sales funnel: Consideration, Conversion, Loyalty and Advocacy and the model we follow is below:

  • Plan – A data-driven approach to review current social advertising effectiveness, customise analytics, set up KPI dashboards and objectives.
  • Reach – Build awareness using relevant techniques and tactics.
  • Act – Encourage interactions on the website or social media to help generate leads for the future.
  • Convert – Use retargeting and nurturing to persuade audiences to book and enquire.
  • Engage – Increase sales from existing customers by improving personalised communications.

In this age of longer, more nuanced buyer journeys, it’s becoming increasingly important to cater to leads at different stages of the funnel. A full funnel paid social strategy should deliver engaging, educational and persuasive marketing experiences to hyper-targeted audiences.


Our approach saw the brand 200X their investment in us within the first 90 days.

Scaling An 130 Year Old Brand



Huntsman Savile Row