2,000+ Ticket Sales and Massive Engagement For Business Event!

Driving ticket sales and engagement for the Festival of Enterprise!


The Festival of Enterprise had just undergone a major rebrand and needed to relaunch, drive sales and increase engagement around the event.


A full-funnel data-driven strategy that allowed us to scale profitably and grow faster. This approach allowed us to account for each level of the sales funnel: Consideration, Conversion, Loyalty and Advocacy and the model we follow is below:

  • Plan – A data-driven approach to review current social advertising effectiveness, customise analytics, set up KPI dashboards and objectives.
  • Reach – Build awareness using relevant techniques and tactics.
  • Act – Encourage interactions on the website or social media to help generate leads for the future.
  • Convert – Use retargeting and nurturing to persuade audiences to book and enquire.
  • Engage – Increase sales from existing customers by improving personalised communications.

In this age of longer, more nuanced buyer journeys, it’s becoming increasingly important to cater to leads at different stages of the funnel. A full funnel paid social strategy should deliver engaging, educational and persuasive marketing experiences to hyper-targeted audiences.


2,000+ tickets sales, 1M+ social impressions and one very happy client!

"A pleasure to work with and one of those rare agencies that deliver what they say they will!"
Managing Director



Festival of Enterprise