Ecommerce coffee startup scaled from zero to $136K revenue in 5 months

$19.89K in ad spend and $136K in revenue = 683.76% return on ad spend



An Australian based coffee subscription startup had just launched their website, but had done zero digital advertising, when they approached us. The goal? To profitably scale a business that was trying to pivot from a traditional bricks and mortar coffee shop into an ecommerce subscription business, following the effects of coronavirus. 

Needless to say, challenge accepted.


This startup was a perfect fit for our proven full-funnel paid social advertising strategy, that caters to potential customers at each stage of the funnel. This included raising massive brand awareness, for what was an unknown brand, driving new customer purchases and funneling repeat customers into ongoing subscriptions.


  • Profitably scaled from zero online sales to $136K in 5 months.
  • Return on ad spend [roas] in this time was 683.76% having spent $19.89K on ad spend.
  • 170+ subscription customers added, with a predicted 3 year revenue of $300K+.

The work that Routes 4 Media have done has been outstanding and way beyond our expectations. Online sales and subscriptions are now the largest part of our business.

- Coffee Entrepreneur

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Ecommerce coffee startup scaled from zero to $136K revenue in 5 months
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