Overcoming Digital PR Mistakes – 3 Practices You Should Avoid

Managing your company’s online presence is necessary to meet the demands of modern consumers. Nowadays, consumers need to gauge a brand’s credibility and service quality by browsing your online behaviour. They do this by reading how you respond to tweets to how you manage your social media profiles.


Besides using your own online platforms to regulate your online image, you can also utilise digital PR to improve consumers’ perception of your brand. This marketing strategy lets you collaborate with different media partners to publish press releases containing high-quality backlinks. Through this method, you can expand your reach while also reinforcing your landing pages’ Search Engine Optimisation (SEO).


Digital PR strategies: Don’ts to Watch Out for


For your enterprise to succeed, you shouldn’t just ride the wave of your competitors’ actions. Sometimes, you’re better off sticking to your own strategies by learning from other brands’ mistakes. This is why you need to carefully assess the impact of every business decision on your company, especially when implementing your digital PR strategy.


Before you launch a PR campaign, here are three practices you need to watch out for:


  1. Focusing Too Much on Advertising


Budget allocation is an everyday issue for marketing campaigns. Since different marketing avenues offer various points for growth, you must determine the right amount you should spend per campaign. While you should definitely invest in paid ads, you shouldn’t sleep on your PR budget.


Keep in mind that digital PR strategies aren’t bought. Instead, these methods are invested in through a long period of collaboration. For this reason, you’ll need to earn the media support you’ll partner with. It’s a rigorous process you’ll go through with a digital agency. For this reason, you should pay attention to your chosen agency’s decisions.


  1. Using Short-Term PR Strategies


Digital PR won’t immediately provide the results you need in conversions or online traffic. This is because you need to invest in it for a long time. While some digital agencies provide a limited offer of three months or less, this time frame just isn’t enough to give you significant results.


Working with a remote digital agency is a long-term engagement, so you have to find one you can be partners with comfortably. Otherwise, you’ll set yourself up for failure through short-term campaign efforts.


  1. Failing to Monitor Your PR Agency


Most businesses outsource more complex functions of their companies to B2B services providers. This can range from logistics delivery to content marketing management.


Like any business partnership, you must not take your PR agency’s efforts for granted. Instead, you should constantly communicate with them regarding your campaign’s status. Staying transparent with your PR agency will help you revise specific approaches and look for different marketing channels to expand your brand’s reach.


The right PR agency knows how to keep you in the loop with their marketing efforts. Doing so is a sign of proactive collaboration, allowing them to give you the results you need. For this reason, you must be conscious of your PR agency’s movements and hospitality towards your business’s needs.




Building a digital PR strategy can get more complicated the more networks you plan to build. Since it’s vital to maintain good relations with your business partners, you need to manage these relationships while seamlessly paying attention to your conversions. Thankfully, you don’t have to shoulder these burdens by yourself. If you have the right digital agency by your side, these issues won’t be as much of a problem with your campaign efforts.


At Routes 4 Media, our team is committed to using creative and media buying strategies to drive customer-acquisition strategies. Our PR campaigns generate outstanding ROI from the first send, with high-profile media coverage across different mediums. If you want to work with a reliable digital PR agency in London, book a free discovery call with us today!