Online Content Creation – The Formula for Success

It’s been said repeatedly that content is king. Without content, you can’t perform SEO (search engine optimization), PPC (pay-per-click), and SMM (social media marketing). Even offline branding, marketing, and sales efforts rely largely on content. However, despite this fact, many businesses still miss that mark that signifies hitting the right type, mix, and quality of content. Why is that the case? Could it be the lack of sufficient material to create content? Is it the lack of talented content creators? Or is it the failure to plan and strategize?

The success of content creation efforts depends on many factors, including those in the questions above. If you’re not hitting targets with your content, it means that somewhere along the way, you’re missing something. The competition for attention online is fierce. With an abundance of information out there, no doubt getting noticed is a great challenge for any business to overcome. 

The thing is, you can’t just give up on content creation. If you’re not hitting targets yet, you have to keep on trying. However, the next time you try, you should already be better prepared. If you want to get started on the journey toward content creation success, read on.

Remember: Content Creation is a Skill, Not a Task

Writing is a talent. Even though one may be good at speaking or has impeccable grammar, it does not automatically mean that they can string words together to create content that will engage and sell. Furthermore, writing for different platforms also require different types of writing skills. For instance, some novelists find it challenging to write non-fiction pieces. Others write better feature articles than creative stories. You need to enlist the help of a writer who has what it takes to write for online readers.

Moreover, content isn’t just about writing, especially if you want to delve in other forms of content, such as videos, e-books, and infographics, among others. You’ll have to work with other talents, including graphics and multimedia artists as well.

Your Content Should Meet Goals

The only way to measure the success of content creation efforts is to see if it meets the goals you specify. In general, your content should be able to do any or all of the following:

  • Entertain – With many contents online, yours should be entertaining and engaging enough to retain the attention of your audience. It’s best if you can inject some personality into your content. Entertaining doesn’t always mean making people laugh, but the key is to make your content enjoyable to read, view, or watch.
  • Inform – As much as possible, your content should offer value-laden information, something that isn’t widely available from other sources. The key here is to provide something unique, something that only your team can offer, thanks to your expertise.
  • Convert – Ultimately, you’d want for your audience to turn into customers. Your content should contain clues that will lead your audience what to do next after they’ve absorbed your content.

Consistency is Important

For your entire content effort to be successful, you need to be visible at all times. You need to have a regular schedule as to when you will share content. You should also offer fresh content every time. 

Know Your Audience

Before you even create content, you should have an idea as to what your audience wants and needs to see and know. When you offer what they need, they are more likely to engage and enjoy your content.

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