How to generate leads and sales from your AdWords clicks

Let’s face it. Generating qualified leads from a digital marketing channel such as using Google’s Adwords isn’t always such an easy thing to do. Ask any business owner and they will tell you that PPC is sometimes quite a gamble. As often as not, clicks don’t always turn into leads or sales and a lot of clicks simply result in tire kickers who are likely not to convert.

How to generate leads and sales from your AdWords clicks

This, however, shouldn’t be the case for you. Google Adwords offers a wide range of tools and lets you control a multitude of factors, so that you can transform an ineffective campaign into a profitable one. By mastering the hacks I will present below, you will be able to dramatically improve quality of AdWords clicks and consequently increase your conversion rate.

Essentially, you will learn how to hack your way into a successful Adwords campaign where the conversion rate of prospects into leads and then into buyers is higher than ever before. No matter what industry you’re in, you can leverage these secret tips to reach the exact audience interested in what you have to offer, and then to streamline the conversion process.

Without further ado, here are the tips you can start using today to boost the quality of your AdWords clicks.

10 Hacks to Attract Leads and Not Tire Kickers from your AdWords Campaign

1. Optimize the Quality Score of your Keywords

Quality score is by far the most important and also the most neglected aspect of an Adwords campaign. Your quality score is important for a number of reasons. For starters, you need to know that Google rewards advertisers with high-quality score keywords. They end up paying up to 10 times less than standard advertisers.

Let’s take a look at the chart below.

How to generate leads and sales from your AdWords clicks

As you can notice, an advertiser who only bids $2 but has a quality score of 10 for one of his keywords gets the best ad rank and the best position in Google. Even if he pays 4 times less than the other advertiser with a quality score of 1, he gets to enjoy a CPC of around 6 times less.

Improving your quality score is a must if you want to attract more targeted leads, reduce your CPC and skyrocket your Adwords campaign. Practically, what you can do to improve your quality score is to:

  • Structure your campaigns into targeted ad groups
  • Create ads that include keywords on the landing page
  • Optimize the ad copy and make them relevant to the target page
  • Make sure your bids aren’t too low
  • Decrease the loading time on your landing page

2. Outsmart your Competitors

I always tell Adwords users to do some research on what their competitors are doing and then use the information they have gathered to improve their campaigns and outsmart the rest. Basically, you need to do what your competitors are doing, but just need to be a little bit better. It really is that simple.

You don’t need to recreate the wheel, especially if there are many competitors who are paying thousands of dollars to specialized firms to boost their Adwords presence. You can easily analyze your competitor’s efforts through the use of websites like or SEMRush and then improve your PPC ad rankings.

You can also use several other great PPC competitor analysis tools and spy on your competitors, and they won’t even realize it. They will notice just after it is too late that they have lost their leads to you.

3. Write Ads that Appeal to Emotions

If you really want to attract real leads and not tire-kickers from AdWords and to improve quality of AdWords clicks, you need to write ads that spark emotion. If you can make people feel really good about what you are saying and if you can come up with a genuine solution to their problems, they will love you for it.

Get to know your customers’ emotions. Try to discover what they love, what they hate and how they feel about you and your business. Consider finding out what is their biggest problem and come up with innovative methods to solve it.

Some of the most popular emotions you can spark in your audience are awe, amusement, joy and laughter. Leverage this precious piece of information and take your creativity to the next level.

However, if you simply can’t find the creativity to design ads that appeal to emotions, here is a list of top video ads that pull on emotion:

4. Use Bid Multipliers

You don’t have to buy all the clicks possible. Instead, be smart and only purchase those clicks that have value for you. Leveraging the power of bid multipliers allows you to cherry-pick the right clicks for you by attributing greater worth to specific clicks during specific times of day.

Also known as day-parting or ad-scheduling, this technique allows you to place higher bids during periods of the day when the conversion rate is higher. Simply go to the Dimensions tab and see for yourself what times and days provide the most value to your business. You can now get more visibility during peak hours and dramatically improve the quality of your Adwords clicks.

Bid multipliers also allow you to adjust your bids based on the device used by the searcher. You might find that clicks from mobile devices are more valuable to your business than clicks from desktops. It might be that people are more motivated when they’re searching from mobile, or they’re more likely to act on a click-to-call than by visiting a website. Whatever you find, make sure to capitalize on this knowledge and bid more on the clicks that make the greatest impact for your online business.

5. Optimize for Mobile Devices

The importance of mobile optimization in Adwords cannot be overstated. As time goes by, more and more people are coming to discover the benefits of using their mobile devices over their laptops.

How to generate leads and sales from your AdWords clicksIn 2018, more than half of all searches conducted on the Internet came from mobile. The potential is just huge. And the mobile options Adwords provide are endless.

One specific way to optimize your campaign for mobile is to take advantage of click-to-call buttons, or call extensions. These extensions are a game changer. They can dramatically enhance your conversion funnel by enabling your customers to skip several steps and connect directly with you.

In a desktop search conversion funnel, the user typically has to see the ad, click on it, visit your landing page, and if he has not bounced already due to slow loading time, he may be able to convert after reading an asset. In the mobile conversion funnel, the user sees the ad, calls your business and may convert instantly. No more people lost through the process of visiting the site and finding your contact information.

Mobile typically already has greater intent – people are on the go and they have a stringent need to fulfill at that exact moment. You get people on the line right away, which is why this is definitely a feature worth testing.
Since mobile is a super competitive landscape, you should always aim to be in the top 3 positions in the SERPs. Create standalone mobile ads, optimize the quality score and leverage the power of call extensions to take advantage of everything mobile offers you.

6. Leverage the Power of Remarketing

Probably, the easiest way to improve the quality of the clicks you get from Adwords is to follow up on them by leveraging the true power of remarketing. Whether you create a search only, mobile or display campaign, remarketing allows you to get back to your site visitors and offer them a strong incentive to convince them to come back.

The naked truth is that, typically, conversion rates suck – that’s just how it is. Almost 97% of online users leave a website without taking th

How to generate leads and sales from your AdWords clicks

e necessary action the marketer or brand owner wanted them to take. That’s pretty awful, right? This is where remarketing comes to save the day.

With remarketing, website visitors are tagged when they visit your site, and then added to your audiences. You can then create personalized messages, both text and display, to convince them to come back and complete the action on your site. You can target them virtually anywhere: in their gmail inbox, when they navigate on the web, when searching for products on Amazon, when reading a blog or when accessing their favorite news channel.

Remarketing exponentially expands your reach and helps to improve not only conversion rates, but brand recall, as well. You can basically use remarketing in search, SEO, email, social and Adwords.

To capitalize on the power of remarketing for your brand, I advise you to create a complete audience definition strategy and segment your website visitors based on their unique interests. Then choose your favorite type of remarketing channel and reach your visitors with more targeted messages.

7. Run Ads in your Display Campaign for LinkedIn

This is a totally unique idea that very few marketers are aware of. While the benefits of LinkedIn advertising are many and quite appealing, doing marketing on this platform is extremely expensive. If you are a B2B company struggling to make ends meet, it will be hard for you to advertise on LinkedIn. The amazing news is that you can now greatly reduce your spending by running a display campaign instead of a LinkedIn one.

This might surprise you, if you’ve never heard of this before, but it’s true. LinkedIn is a part of the Google Display Network and offers a clear advantage to B2B advertisers. This social media platform is much more relevant for networking with like minds in your industry.

Using this hack, you can place your display ads (text and image) strategically on LinkedIn with a LinkedIn ad extension. This reduces your involvement in the bidding war for top placements between you and other AdWords advertisers.

You can basically set up your Adwords campaign to target LinkedIn users directly. You will get them at a reduced cost and also be able to create a more specialized audience, which will be very useful for retargeting.

Craft a smart Google Display Network (GDN) campaign to show your ads on LinkedIn at a reduced cost than going through LinkedIn directly.

8. Test In-Market Segments

There is no doubt that Google has a massive amount of audience intelligence at their disposal. The masterminds from Google know our search habits, preferences, demographic information and shopping interests. They might even know more than we can imagine.

How to generate leads and sales from your AdWords clicksUsing in-market segments allows you to reach just the right audience for you. For instance, you can show your real estate video to a person Google has identified as already in the market to buy a house. You can also get your parenting content in front of an audience made of new parents. Moreover, you can get your hosting service in front of IT managers looking for a new hosting provider. The possibilities are endless.

In-market segments are the perfect alternative to remarketing lists. You can even combine them for maximum impact. Leverage the true power of in-market segments to easily get in front of a motivated audience that has demonstrated its intent to purchase from you.

9. Sprinkle in Negative Keywords

This is a very smart way and perhaps the most effective to boost your campaign’s relevance, improve quality score and improve quality of your clicks. Keywords that are not relevant to your audience should be added to your negative keyword list(s) so as not to incur wasteful clicks.

After an initial list, automate the process by checking what searches are getting traffic to your site.

10. Use the First Mover Advantage

And lastly, you need to consider the rapid pace at which Google Adwords changes. In the last year alone, Google has launched countless changes to their algorithm. They have also added numerous new tools & features and have visually changed their platform.

Stay tuned to the latest Adwords changes and updates and leverage the true power of Adwords for your company.


Now you know how to easily improve the quality of Adwords clicks and attract better leads from your marketing efforts. Use all the 10 tips presented above to gain an unfair advantage over your competitors. Optimize your conversion rate and never lack qualified leads again!