How Will the iOS 14 Update Affect Social Media Advertising

The iOS 14 update has become a concern for many businesses. This is because certain upgrade features can have a significant impact on their social media advertising campaigns.


Apple has been trying to improve customer privacy in their devices. In the new update, Apple users can decide if they’re going to allow apps to track their activity. This can have a significant impact on social media advertising.


To adjust your company’s social media marketing strategies, you must first understand how the iOS 14 update can affect your business. Here are the top four effects this update will have on social media advertising.

  • Decreased Data


The iOS 14 update will require app developers to give users a privacy prompt for their app. This means the user can decide whether or not they want to allow certain apps to get their data. When a user opts out, this will limit the amount of information your business can get for its social media marketing. Knowing less about iOS 14 users won’t just affect businesses at a small level, but it can also significantly impact social media marketing as a whole. 

  • Limited Ad Targeting and Optimisation


Facebook relies on conversion data for its ad platform. With limited data caused by the update, the social media platform’s ability to optimise your ads will also become limited. This will also decrease your retargeting pool and the quality of custom audience data. 

  • Conversion Campaigns


With app tracking restricted, social media apps such as Facebook can no longer follow customer activity. Typical Facebook app tracking can even go to the extent of taking a user’s desired action and converting it. Without this, conversion rates can decrease. It’ll also make your optimised ad campaigns made for conversion become less visible to users. 

  • Campaign Reporting


Campaign reporting can also be affected by the iOS 14 update. From a 28-day click or one-day view window, conversion reporting will now be limited to a seven-day click window. This lessens the number of conversions to be reported. If the user did not take a converting action in seven days, then Facebook will not be reporting it. Companies should also expect a three-day delay in Facebook reporting.


In Summary


With Apple’s focus on improving customer privacy, the latest iOS 14 update allows users to deny apps from tracking their activity. This move from Apple can profoundly impact social media advertising since app tracking is a massive part of the industry. The iOS 14 update means less data for social media marketing agencies to collect. Conversion campaigns and campaign reporting can also be affected. It’s essential to understand these changes and how they can affect social media advertising. This way, companies can adjust their social media advertising strategies to adapt to the iOS 14 update.


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