How to use Facebook to build a local audience

This article will cover the following:

  • Facebook Marketing
  • Build Relationships
  • Enhance Integration
  • Optimize Your Facebook Page
  • Pay For Facebook Ads
  • Send an Invitation to Your Community
  • Use Data to Attract New Members


Not so many marketing terms can light up the eyes of a business owner like “social media.” Today, various businesses are utilizing the social media for their marketing and advertising campaigns, and this has proved to be an effective technique for attracting buyers in the modern business environment. However, a problem arises with how some businesses utilize these avenues. It is important to first understand the kind of content you intend to post in your Facebook account so you can determine whether it is going to produce the outcome desired from your advertising or marketing campaign. Followers of a particular brand in the social media are attracted to things they can relate to. If your social media marketing strategy is not right, chances are you are going to get fewer followers or worse, lose the followers that you’ve worked so hard to attract.

The use of Facebook for marketing one’s business or brand involves interacting and conversing with your customers or prospects. When utilizing Facebook, it is imperative to remember that “boastful” content is not always loved and no one is ever concerned about people who talk so much about themselves without taking into account the needs of the visitors or the reasons as to why they are interacting with you in the first place. Engage your followers, give them an opportunity to air their opinions, and let them know why investing in your business is the right choice to make.

Use your Facebook business accounts to interact with customers in sites where they are mostly found. Just because your business has a Facebook account doesn’t mean that things will simply work out for you. Research your customers to find out their most popular sites, whether through the email, in-store, or appointments. You are likely to succeed in your Facebook campaign if you make the effort of fishing where the fish are located.

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Facebook marketing

Given its popularity, Facebook is one of the most common SNS that don’t require any introduction. With a population of more than 71 percent of the adult in the United States in 2013, the user base for Facebook dwarfs that of LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, and any other social media site that is deemed a “contender.”

How to use Facebook to build a local audienceDue to its ubiquity among the public, a lot of business owners prefer using Facebook because they find this media to be effective in their marketing campaigns. While this may actually be true, not all businesses can utilize Facebook to their benefit. The outcome of your Facebook campaign will depend on what your goals for the time are. There are billions of individuals utilizing Facebook every month, so if you are able to capture your niche appropriately, you’ll be in a position to draw in the traffic you need in your Facebook Page, helping you to boost your followers and convert them to buyers. If you are still wondering how you can use Facebook to build your local business, then here is what you need to know.

1. Build Relationships

To get the most out of Facebook, it’s imperative to ensure the relationship you construct with your followers become part of your end goal. This may sound somewhat utopian particularly for people who are grounded in the conventional and tangible business metrics and measurements. If you are looking to establish a lasting relationship with your followers, you need to set your eyes on the bigger picture. Take a step back from the ROI-seeking aspects and business bottom line and focus on what you intend to achieve now so you can attain your end goal. If you can establish an excellent relationship by interacting with your customers on Facebook, chances are word will spread and your business following will increase. The relationship you create and build with the people you interact with in social media is the foundation upon which your business can flourish.How to use Facebook to build a local audience

When it comes to local businesses, relationships usually flourish if an individual can cultivate them, and no platform gives you this opportunity like Facebook. The use of social media – Facebook among them – has broken down the barriers between people at a considerable rate. For instance, according to data released by Facebook in 2011, it was established that users were 3.74 degrees separated from each other (at an average). In the years following these findings, technology, as well as network, have continued growing, implying that the gap of separation between users of social media has reduced even further. This is quite amazing and Social Networking Sites such as Facebook can take credit for this kind of transition.

It is also essential to note that some of the public figures and successful CEOs earn their reputation as a result of the relationships they construct. Of course, these individuals are excellent at what they do, but great interactions and relationships reinforce their solid effort. The kind of relationship you build through the use of Facebook can lead to loyalty and advocacy, aspects which can go a long way in supporting your local business and bolstering your brand.

2. Enhance Integration

When it comes to building a local audience for your business, you need to ensure your Facebook is fully integrated with your branding, public relations, and advertising efforts. By so doing, you’ll be in a position to create a scalable and cohesive experience for all your customers. Integration is not as difficult as one may think, but you’ll have to plan appropriately and create a plan that is ideal for you.

How to use Facebook to build a local audienceYou need to ensure Facebook is integrated into your marketing strategy earlier to help solidify and amplify your efforts rather than having to wait until the planning cycle is over to take advantage of social options. If your presence in Facebook is clear from the beginning, your business will benefit from the additional customers, your PR will witness a lift in reach, and customer service can activate and listen where necessary.

A social media strategy which enhances the presence of your business, whether catering, fashion, or music can have a far-reaching effect on your company when conducted in a thoughtful and authentic manner. By ensuring social media engagement is a central component of your operations, you have a good chance of leveraging its power.

3. Optimize Your Facebook Page

In most cases, what people see on the Facebook Page of your company is the cover image, the profile picture, and the description of your business. When it comes to building a local business, make sHow to use Facebook to build a local audienceure the images of your brand, as well as the description of your page (which includes your services and products), are engaging and summarize what your business offers. If these aspects are done properly, you are going to encourage people to like your business page thus increasing your audience.

Do not stop there. If you intend to pull a crowd to your Facebook page, make sure your homepage is filled with as much information as possible. Choose the categories and subcategories which best describe your business and include a list of addresses for your offices, your website URL, hours of operation, as well as your phone number. All this information will help your Facebook page to appear in Google search when people begin searching for businesses like yours, and this may end up increasing the number of likes on your Page.

4. Pay for Facebook Ads

For you to be “visible” on Facebook today, you need to pay for Ads. As one of largest Social Networking Site, Facebook offers numerous assortments of ad items you can choose from, and some of these have the best targeting options.

By using Facebook data along with the contact list of your community, and with the help of Facebook Pixel, your business can be seen by the targeted group, thus helping to boost your Facebook community. Apart from that, all Facebook Ads usually have an option for showing a Like Page button so those who see it and haven’t liked your page can do just that. Therefore, paying for Facebook ads is a win-win.

Here’s how the objectives of an ad can eventually result in more Facebook likes:

  • Promote Your Page – Look for the right people on Facebook who can help promote your page. You can filter your options by using age, location, and interest targeting.
  • Boost Your Posts – Make sure you get your information to the right people by ensuring your posts are boosted. Upload your contact lists to display your information to a targeted audience or target by interests. Moreover, using Facebook’s Lookalike audience’s tool, you can target an audience with demographics or interests that are similar to your current customers of fans.


When it comes to Facebook advertising, you can always experiment and test with various ads to determine what works best for you. Always ensure you go for an option that allows your audience to like your page directly.
You can visit this link to see why Facebook ads work.

5. Send an Invitation to Your Community

For your business, irrespective of the industry you are in, you have a community which is easily within reach: customers, employees, industry, and business partners. There’s a high chance that these individuals will be your first advocates and can willingly share your content on their sites as well. So, why not send them a personal invitation and request them to like your business’s page?

How to use Facebook to build a local audience

You can achieve this by including a call-to-action. At the end of your webinars or presentation, you can add a slide to encourage your business partners and customers to like your Page if they have not done that yet.

For the internal advocates, you can work with your HR to ensure that the Facebook page of your business is promoted during the orientation phase of your new employees and in any other internal communications.

Moreover, Facebook provides a tool for Suggest Pages. When you log into Business Manager, go to Use Page then Suggest Page. Upload a .csv of contacts or upload an email service to send your contact the invitation so they can like your Page.

When doing so, ensure you utilize an owned contact list which your business has a relationship with and not the lead list you pay for because the suggestion message may appear as spam to those who do not know you on an individual level.

As for your friends in the industry, look for their Pages as well and like them. Log into Business Manager and click the Use Page. Once you have done that, click “Use Facebook as Page Link.” You can find this tab at the top right section.

6. Use Data to Attract New Members

Using data to attract new audience helps to inform them what your overall content strategy is. In this case, you’ll have to make use of a data-driven tool. For instance, if your business is selling fries, you can learn about your target group’s interest. By creating a social search for “Fries,” you may find that those who talk about fries also talk about chicken drums, wings, and hot dogs. Also, your search may reveal that fries are also associated with a particular hashtag.

This is excellent information to have if you still don’t have an idea of what content to post on your page. When you can post content that is interesting to your audience (such as sharing a picture of fries and chicken), they will be able to share that post with friends, enabling your business to reach a larger crowd.

Final Words

Social media advertising is not as simple as it looks. However, this can be rewarding if done the right way. You can always seek the help of professionals when the need arises. So, are you looking to use social media to build your local audience? If your answer is YES, contact Routes4Media for running effective Facebook advertising campaigns!