How to Use Facebook Messenger to Turn Abandoned Carts to Checkouts

Abandoned carts are among the biggest challenges that e-commerce businesses have in their sales funnel. Anyone who has done or tried online shopping has, at some point, added products to their cart and left the site without checking out. 

This happens for several reasons. Customers could be taking their time before splurging, while others look for the same products from other e-commerce sites. It’s also possible that they encountered a problem during the checkout process, such as internet connection interruption. Another reason could be that customers had changed their minds.

No matter what customers’ reasons are for not finishing a purchase, it means lost sale opportunity for the e-commerce company. Studies have shown that as much as 70 percent of online shoppers will abandon their online carts. With the continuously decreasing attention spans of online users, that number is expected to grow even higher.

There are several ways e-commerce businesses can attract the attention of customers. However, calling the attention of customers does not only mean inviting them to the website to make a purchase but also to complete an interrupted buying process.

Online retailers need to learn how to budget their marketing and ad budget and efforts between reaching cold leads or new customers and convincing current and “warm” customers to complete their purchase. This is where specially-crafted and targeted messages on Facebook Messenger comes into play.

Abandoned Cart Notifications and Reminders

Abandoned cart notifications are not entirely new. Anyone who has shopped online and left a cart with items on it has probably received at least one of these notifications. Abandoned cart notifications are e-commerce business owners’ way to recapture a customer’s interest, which will lead them to go back to the website and hopefully, continue their purchase.

Now, how do they work? When customers visit online shopping websites, they leave digital markers that show website owners their browsing behaviour. Websites can track the pages that users visit and the items they clicked. Some heatmaps can detect where a user hovered their cursor over but didn’t click.

E-commerce businesses that can leverage such tools and tech are better equipped to retarget customers by sending them a notification and even throw in discount codes.

Facebook Messenger as an Effective Tool for Abandoned Cart Notifications

Promotional and marketing emails have been in use for quite some time, but nowadays, Facebook Messenger communications are proving to be effective in helping to turn abandoned carts into purchases. Part of its success is the fact that people get fewer Facebook Messenger messages, unlike in email where one can get more or less a hundred emails in a day.

Furthermore, Facebook Messenger has a higher click-through rate, while some emails go straight to the Trash without even being read.

Facebook Messenger notifications that specifically target users with abandoned carts can be set up in a website’s backend or through a chatbot. This is possible when customers connect or login to the e-commerce site using their Facebook account. E-commerce businesses will also find it helpful to combine Messenger chats and re-targeting ads to get higher conversion rates. 

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