How to Recruit Through Social Media – Our Guide

Because of how social media dramatically changed the information and networking landscape, it is unsurprising that it changed the way we do business as well. Entrepreneurs who can sweet-talk people or make relevant content that strikes a chord with the multitudes can use social media to grow their customer base even if they have minimal resources. They can also link with clients and suppliers through social media. All they have to do is join interest-focused groups, use witty hashtags, make a company page, and publish content among other things.

Social media has also enabled businesses to access the world’s talent. Employers can meet talents based in India or some other country without meeting them physically. Indeed, there is a pool of potential talent waiting for opportunities in Facebook groups and in those who follow your company’s page.

The process of hiring

Whether it’s online or offline, hiring and recruitment follow common principles. The first principle is to determine the kind of employee or talent you need. The management team and the HR department will have to sit down and review the overall workload situation, the anticipated increase in workload, and why the current workforce is not enough to deal with the present or anticipated addition in workload. From the study of the company’s current situation, you and HR can discuss what kind of people you need to fulfil your company’s goals.

Once the management and Human Resources department have identified the kind of talent they need, they must next draft a recruitment plan. The plan specifies how many workers they need to hire, the qualifications and skills of applicants for each job item, and the job descriptions. The plan also includes what to do next when you publish the job opening on social media, who will screen applicants and how will they do it, and who will contact shortlisted applicants for further interview.

Before you post the job offering online, the company’s management should first tell their current employees of their intent to get a new employee. If the job opportunity is a middle-level position that some of the current employees can already fill, then you can publish the job notification in your office or through your online work bulletins. If there are none among your current workers who are qualified or interested in the position, you can then publish the job offer through social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, or your company’s LinkedIn page.

How to use social media to attract top talent

While a survey made by LinkedIn reveals that 49% of professionals follow companies in social media to keep themselves updated on possible job vacancies. It is not enough to just post your vacancy on your company’s social media channels. Social media is filled with quacks and pretentious narcissists, and you need not only to attract the best talent but to filter applicants who may flood your email inbox.

Establishing a strong brand online helps reinforce your reputation as a company that has high job standards that only a select few can meet. At the same time, branding can help you establish your company as a legitimate place where people can work. Scams proliferate online, and people are wary of applying for obscure employers. You have to make your standards and legitimacy clear through your brand.

To establish that branding, it helps to produce content that can help potential applicants and future employees to imagine what working in your company looks and feels like. Use photos, videos, and text narratives to tell your workplace story. You can show how your office looks like, who your employees are, what they are doing at work, your company’s CSR activities and business conferences, or company officials receiving awards. You can even show the perks that your employees enjoy such as an in-house gym, free-flowing food, and bean bags.

Boost your legitimacy and brand by engaging with your target applicants. Ask them questions and respond to their messages and comments in a timely manner. Canned messages or replies feel inauthentic and can alienate potential talent from applying with you.

Additionally, you may have to choose the right social media platform to attract particular kinds of job applicants. If you want to get artsy people who spend most of their time on Instagram, you can emphasize your brand-building efforts in that platform. If you wish to have seasoned professionals onboard, you can prioritize your company’s LinkedIn branding.

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