How to Market Your Real Estate Business Online in 2019 – Our Guide

With Brexit looming large on the horizon, housing prices in the UK are expected to fall. For real estate marketers, this is a golden opportunity to make as many sales as possible. What better way to get people to buy houses than through social media marketing? 

But you shouldn’t rely on Brexit alone to make sales. Brexit jitters have also made people wary of buying homes. You need to persuade as many potential buyers as possible to make a purchase. 

1. Post valuable real estate content on social media

Attract attention, gain followers and likes, and generate leads with the help of valuable content posts. You can use these posts to drive your social media followers to your real estate website’s blog. They will also be beneficial to those you to reach using that platform. Popular and useful ideas for content include:

  • Real estate Brexit advice
  • Tips for inexperienced buyers and sellers
  • Schedules of open house events
  • Real estate trivia and infographics, such as market statistics
  • List of affordable homes in your area
  • Information for those who are new to an area where you’re selling houses
  • How to buy homes at lower prices
  • Contests and giveaways
  • Testimonials and stories of satisfied buyers or sellers
  • Community outreach events that your real estate business is involved in (proof of your reputation)

This list is far from exhaustive. On your part, you need to do research. Find out what new and potential homeowners want to know about and give it to them. You will strengthen the trust your audience has in you by providing them with useful information. 

That trust is key to closing a deal. Once you start posting, you need to remain consistent and engage constantly with your followers. Answer their queries and concerns. ‘Like’ their constructive suggestions.

2. Boost your posts and consider social media ads

Ideally, you want your posts to go viral and reach a million people every day. However, with so many distractions on social media, it is difficult to stand out. Your competitors are actually the least of your concerns, as you have to contend with memes, people’s stories, fake news, and other things that appear on your audience’s news feed. Thus, there might be some occasions where you will want to pay whatever social media platform you’re using to boost your post. That will help you reach more people. Just make sure that the post you’re boosting is worth your money and interesting to your target audience.

In addition, with so many people glued to their Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook pages, this is a largely untapped market that you can’t afford to forget about. Bolster your organic posts and paid boosts with ads to maximize your reach and gain potential buyers.

3. Use real estate marketing apps and bots for social media

Ensuring consistent and timely posts and answering frequently asked questions can be time-consuming. You will also have to quantify and track the performance of your posts to see if your marketing strategy is working. Look for real estate marketing apps you can use for these tasks. 

For instance, you can use AI-powered bots to help you engage people who want to ask you questions. Bots will allow you to focus on closing deals, and they can give your audience the answers to their questions. These bots will only defer to you when they encounter questions too complex for them to answer.

4. Include appropriate real estate hashtags

Most marketers think of hashtags as mere decorations or like-boosters on social media posts. However, hashtags play a crucial role in attracting followers and increasing reach. They make it easier for your post to appear in your followers’ newsfeeds and search queries, or those of people looking for information related to your business.

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