How to Level Up Your Email Marketing Strategies

The internet is scaling rapidly and is set to change over time. Through all the changes in the digital landscape, one common element that is not changing is the use of email. Hence, email becomes a passport of opportunity to get in touch with potential customers directly. 


Every marketer should consider that their potential customers use their email regularly. So, email marketing is one way to reach out to people who may not know about a business. Moreover, email marketing is a cost-effective technique and can garner better results if done correctly. 


To understand how email marketing can be more effective, here are some email marketing tips and approaches that can help in achieving the best results: 


Start with a Catchy Subject Line


The first deciding factor that a reader will read the rest of the email content is the subject line, so it is crucial to have a catchy one. Attention-grabbing subject lines can help generate interest in what your brand is offering, more so, leading to potential customers. To create a catchy subject line, consider the following factors:


  • It’s short and simple
  • It gives an overview of what the email is about
  • Personalised
  • Controversial or shocking to generate curiosity
  • Has lots of humour
  • It can be a question to generate interest


Use Personalisation


Email marketing gives a whole different effect to consumers if it is personalised. This approach can be made possible with the advancement of technology using AI so it is now an easy thing to do if you are to send bulk emails. This technique is the most effective way to upgrade your email marketing, especially if you use dynamic personalisation wherein you adapt to each customer and understand their buying habits and customer journey. To utilise personalisation in email, you can opt for the following ways:


  • Add the receiver’s name in each email
  • Send different emails to different subscribers, based on where they are in your sales funnel


Write Compelling Preview Text


Preview text is the first line of an email that people can see in their inbox without opening the email. To get your customer to read the content of your email, make sure that you provide an exciting preview line that will make them want to open. The things to take note of when writing a compelling preview text are the following:


  • It must be short
  • It has relevance
  • It conveys the most important point  


Do Not Spam 


Although email marketing must be heavy to gain conversions, you should avoid being annoying for the recipient. The last thing you must want to happen is having your email move to trash due to flooded mail from your brand. A perfect thing you can do is to make a follow-up email in case someone missed the first one you’ve sent. A follow-up email can be done once or twice to give your brand another chance to reach out. If there is still no feedback, then reconsider reaching out to someone else. To avoid being labelled as spam, try to do the following tricks for your follow-up email:


  • Use different subject line and preview text
  • Wait 3-5 days before sending another email
  • Change your send schedule


Optimise CTA Buttons


Having a strong CTA in your email can lead to a significant increase in conversions. CTA’s will help your campaign’s primary goal: perform the desired action for your brand. Here are the things you can do to have a compelling CTA button:


  • Make sure it is clearly visible and is strategically placed within your email body
  • You can add a link within the content
  • Use more contextual CTAs
  • Make it relevant and useful


Create Mobile-Friendly Emails


A crucial part of having an effective email marketing strategy is to make it readable from any device. Since most people are using their mobile devices most of the time, it should be considered that your email is aesthetically pleasing in any device type. When creating an email marketing campaign, ensure that you apply some of the following guidelines:


  • Avoid using large images
  • Keep your sentences short and crisp
  • Follow a clear structure




Email marketing has proven to be one of the most effective marketing tools, especially now that working from home has become popular across the globe. It is a reliable strategy to generate sales and increase revenue to extraordinary levels. By following these tips and approaches, your email marketing has lower chances of failing and can bring you quality leads. 


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