How Retailers Can Use Digital Marketing to Drive Traffic to Their Physical Stores

Many retailers treat digital marketing the same way. Their team focuses primarily on e-commerce KPIs like conversion and traffic, so in-store sales often escape notice. That presents a missed opportunity for these digital marketers.


But as many multichannel retailers are starting to realise, digital teams should help drive footfall and in-store sales by focusing on customer experience. To learn about how digital can benefit your physical store estate, review these tips from your trusted remote digital agency:


Enhance Store-Related Parts of Your Website


Their store locator is the most frequently visited part of their website for many retailers. That’s why it makes sense to make this part of your site easy to use and as helpful as possible. With online shoppers’ expectations growing higher, it should be easy to find the closest location and what that store’s address is, as well as its hours.


Consider adding other essential information like a list of services each store offers and the details of that store’s mobile app.


Optimise your store locator for mobile users. It’s no good to see “Store Location” on your smartphone’s search bar if the listings of your nearby stores don’t appear. Remember, shoppers are increasingly using their smartphones for shopping. Ensure your mobile-optimised store locator shows all the details you think shoppers will need.


Fix Your Local SEO


Brand owners who have a physical store should use local SEO to help drive traffic to their business. Local SEO can help increase your brand recognition and increase your footfall.


For example, you can add your store’s address on every page of your website, including your homepage. Your website should also have the correct local business category set on Google My Business, which will help establish your store as a local business.


This will make it easy for people searching for businesses in your area to find your site.


Offer Click and Pick Up


This is another way to get customers to your store. Click and pick up service allows customers to shop online and later come to the store to pick up their purchases.


A click and pick up service is a great way to get shoppers who live far away to come to your store instead of buying somewhere more accessible to them.


The customer will need to pay online, but the online payment will not be linked to the customer’s credit card. This will allow for a secure transaction and a seamless store visit.


Launch a Local PPC Campaign


Local PPC campaigns are another way for storefronts to get more footfall. Local PPC ads will pop up on search engine results pages when users search for a particular service within a specific location. For example, if someone is looking for a particular business in your area, a local PPC ad can appear on the search engine results page with your business details.


It’s worth noting that local PPC campaigns are more cost-effective than Google AdWords. The cost-per-click is lower with local PPC ads. Local PPC ads are also more likely to drive footfall, with their lower costs.


Prospect Locally Using a Programmatic Display


Programmatic display ads allow you to target people locally. For example, if you want to reach shoppers within a 10-mile radius of your store, you can target them with ads based on their location.


This is a great way to target people based on their location without wasting money. You only have to pay when someone clicks on your ad, and it’s cheaper to show ads to people nearby than to show ads to people in different states or countries.


Ads are also more effective when they’re targeted locally. They’re not as intrusive, making them more appealing to shoppers.




The retail industry is going digital, so multichannel retailers need to focus on digital marketing and in-store sales. Digital marketing can help drive footfall and in-store deals.


The tips above show how you can use digital and in-store strategies to increase your sales. A reputable remote digital agency can help you do these strategies and more to ensure that you increase your sales, both online and in-store. 


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