How Live Social Media Feeds Help Create Brand Awareness – What to Know

In today’s world of digital media and advertising, social media platforms like YouTube, Facebook and Instagram have been widely used as marketing tools in reaching out to a company’s target audience. Live streaming concepts, especially during live events, have also been a great way of helping businesses boost their brand and reach a wider audience.

A study conducted by Smart Insights and Clutch showed that about 52% of marketers said that social media feeds have contributed much in increasing their revenues and sales. 

Live streaming helps businesses connect and interact with their target audience whenever they cannot attend the events. It also allows consumers to participate and engage in brand storytelling in ways that can improve customer experience. 

Despite having many ways to deliver content to your customers, you should not overlook using live social media feeds to your advantage. With that, here are five benefits of having live social media feed during events.

1. It engages with your viewers

Users love user-generated content, and embedding social media feeds during live events is a great way to engage your viewers. It gives them a source of inspiration that allows them to interact and engage with your page, enhancing their interest in your brand at the same time. This helps create more brand awareness and attract more viewers as well.

2. It helps those who cannot make the event feel included

As much as you want to cater to everyone, there will always be someone or even a group of people who cannot attend your event. Whether it’s the company’s major client or top executive, or even an employee who is on leave, live social media feed is a great way to make them feel included. They are able to see all the happenings and make a contribution to the social wall.

3. It increases visibility

When your attendees tweet about your event or view it online, it means that their followers will also be able to see the event. This is why live social media feed is a great way to increase brand visibility. You can use this live feed to create enticing discussions for people present and for those following your streaming video.

4. It gathers more feedback

Anyone at the event will be able to organically share bad and good experiences during the event on your live feed. Positive feedback will let you know that the event was a success, and negative feedback will help you make the necessary improvements for your next event.

5. It is customisable

With social media live feeds, you can customise it to incorporate your event colour scheme or branding. You can customise the design, format, or colour that will be displayed on your post. Don’t forget to filter the type of content you want, and prevent duplicate posts. You can also limit posts to intercept spam or use a profanity filter to avoid any unwanted language on your feed. 

Live social media feed not only provides value to guests who are present at your event, but it also increases brand awareness. Take advantage of social media feeds on your next event and utilize it fully to engage and connect with your community and prospects in an innovative way.

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