Facebook Advertising: 6 Major Benefits of It for Businesses Today – What to Know

There are over a million Facebook users, which makes it an excellent place for business owners to use for their advertisements. If you haven’t used Facebook for your advertisements, then you’re missing out on a huge number of potential customer conversions. Here are some of the best benefits of Facebook advertising for your business: 


  1. Precise Targeting


Facebook provides various targeting and re-targeting options to enable businesses to show their ads to their target audience. These are based on location, behaviours, demographics, and many more. All this can be done via the Facebook Ads Manager, making it extremely easy to handle your ad campaigns on the platform. Thanks to its user-friendly features, you won’t get lost navigating it, even if you’re a newbie marketer. Just a few clicks will have those ads up and running!


  1. Vast Audience


You’re well aware by now that there are millions—actually, billions—of active users on Facebook. When you use Facebook advertising, there’s a higher chance that more people will learn about your business and what you have to offer. Essentially, marketing on Facebook guarantees a broad audience that you can tap into. 


  1. Better Brand Awareness


The billions of active users on the platform check their newsfeed several times per day. Thus, your audience will be exposed to your ads repeatedly. The more they see you, the better it is for your brand. And even if they don’t click your ad first, its continued visibility will prompt them to click on your ad eventually to see what it’s all about. 


  1. Affordable Advertising


One of the benefits of Facebook advertising is that you don’t have to pool all your resources into it to make it work for your brand. In fact, marketing on Facebook is one of the most affordable forms of advertising today. You can spend as low as $5 and reach a thousand people. That said, it doesn’t make sense to invest in traditional forms of advertising, as you get to tap into the same audience, if not a wider audience, by simply being on Facebook. 


  1. Increased Site Traffic


Advertising on Facebook will help boost your site traffic, which will eventually push your search engine rankings higher. You can do this by running a click campaign to target your audience and send them to your site. Compared to other sources, this is probably the most cost-effective way to drive traffic to your site.


  1. Measurable Advertising


Business owners and digital marketers need to know how their ads are doing on the platform. With Facebook, you don’t have to worry about complicated processes, because you can easily measure the results in-site. It’s easy to see the impressions, clicks, and conversions that your ads are receiving. 




Now that you know the benefits of Facebook advertising, it’s only logical for you to kick off some ad campaigns on the platform. If you don’t know where to start, you can seek the help of a remote digital agency that’s well-versed in Facebook advertising. With Facebook advertising, you can boost your business significantly, gaining you more revenue in the long run. 


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