The digital landscape is rife with apps and spaces to engage with, but through it all, there is one common element; our email address is a unique digital passport that interlinks all our online profiles.

When a customer trusts you enough to provide their email address, they are essentially permitting you to get in touch with them directly – our marketers nurture and reciprocate on this trust.

Research has proven that traditional email marketing has had the absolute highest ROI out of all marketing channels and today it is a tried-and-true method of building meaningful and lasting, highly profitable connections with your customers.

There have been many advances in personalised messaging and behavioural targeting which makes email a very impersonal tool. Emailing is just as effective when marketing and pushing your audience’s favourite products as an everyday newsletter or survey. After all, it is important to understand what your customers are after.

What’s in it for you? You are hand-picking the highest engaged customers – this is your chance to reward their loyalty as you communicate with them to reflect a positive brand image.

You Need the Right Tools for the Right Job…

We understand the importance of building lifelong relationships with your customer, which is why we supply you with the email marketing toolkit to compliment your customer relationship building goals. With our specialist support, you get:

  • A dedicated email marketing interface
  • Complete A/B testing including multivariate testing
  • Welcome campaigns and automatic responders
  • Best practices and tools to grow that subscriber list
  • Advanced reporting tools for better engagement and segmentation breakdown
  • Seamless social media integration and news feed targeting
  • Highly personalised and dynamic content
  • Google Analytics to let you have conversion tracking and full accountability
  • Advanced-level tips on deliverability
  • A very responsive and dynamic template design

If all this were not enough, our email marketing veterans manage each one of your email programmes for you and provide the support you need – from your first contacts to sending your very first “behaviorally centred” campaign.

Work closely with us and breathe new energy into how customers interact with your business and buy from you. Get in touch with our digital marketing experts today to better understand how we can completely turn around your inbox marketing and help you make the most of all email marketing campaigns.