Does PPC Work – Debunking Pay-Per-Click Marketing Myths

Pay-per-click advertising (PPC) is an online marketing model that entails paying a fee to publisher sites for every click their ad gets. In contrast to SEO, this type of model “pays” for traffic rather than earning it organically. 

Many advertisers out there have several misconceptions of how this works, and several advertising agencies may even struggle with these campaigns. That is because the “click” on an ad is not a guaranteed sale. Strategy building is key to getting this right. If you’re interested in what makes a PPC campaign successful, you must first manage expectations and learn the truth about it straight from this cloud digital agency in London.

3 Biggest Misconceptions of PPC Marketing 

1- PPC Guarantees Conversion

Just because you’re paying for it, doesn’t mean you will see a high return on investment. 

One thing to keep in mind is that you are literally paying for “clicks,” not conversion. Someone may click on your ad, but not push through with the purchase. What PPC does for you is that it gets your brand name out there, which can potentially catch more people’s attention and increase the probability of people buying. 

To increase conversion rate, PPC specialists look at ad placement and user behaviour in response to ads. For example, an ad on perfume may not do as well on blog sites about cars. However, that ad could do better in a fashion site, most especially in blogs about beauty. This is the surface-level of what PPC advertising entails.

2 – You Get Results Right Away

PPC shows results faster than organic methods, but it does not mean overnight success. It can still take months to see any significant boost in sales. However, it doesn’t mean that your ads aren’t working. Several factors can affect results like competition and site optimisation.

3 – You Don’t Need to Invest in SEO Anymore with PPC

PPC and SEO are different in many ways, but it doesn’t mean you can replace one with the other. If you depend on organic growth, you will undoubtedly have a hard time climbing your way through the online landscape. At the same time, you cannot live on ads alone. SEO provides that long-term strategy and serves as a foundation, even if it takes more time. 

Having both paid and organic strategies in your marketing plan will improve your chances to succeed in the digital world. 

Does PPC Really Work?

The short (and not-so-satisfying) answer is it depends. Just like any other digital marketing strategy, you need to identify the goals and objectives of your PPC campaign. To conclude if it “works,” you have to determine what it’s “working” for. If we’re talking brand visibility and higher click-through-rates here, then yes, PPC will work. If you’re talking about skyrocketing your conversion rate, the answer will depend on your strategies and budget.


PPC is a digital advertising tactic that takes expert insight and knowledge to become successful. If you’re a brand hoping to start exploring its possibilities without wasting your money, you would need all the help you can get from a PPC advertising agency. 

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