Creating stories that sizzle and grabbing headlines right, left and centre. With word-perfect copy and razor sharp distribution, we’ve got a fresh take on what PR takes.

Routes 4 Media’s award-winning journalists consistently put brands on the map with high impact press releases and razor sharp news briefings. Our highly innovative hybrid approach fuses traditional public relations techniques with a strong digital focus, for big visibility online and off. It’s not unusual for our PR campaigns to generate outstanding ROI from the first send, with high-profile media coverage across mediums and in some of the biggest media outlets in the world. We’re proud to see our clients grace the pages of Vogue, Glamour, The New York Times and Sky News amongst others, thanks to our exceptional wordcraft, nose for news and faultless delivery.

We offer a full and strategic service which encompasses PR planning, PR writing, media distribution, media relationship management and media monitoring. As you’d expect from an agency staffed by award winning journalists, with extensive digital PR experience, our client press releases have been featured in every major news outlet in both the UK and USA as well as in Australasia and the Middle East.

PR is a highly effective tool for generating brand awareness, communicating your message and indirectly influencing your audience. Our award winning team crafts word perfect releases published by top publications around the UK and overseas. It’s not unusual for our press releases to generate editorial coverage worth in excess of £1 million from a single press release with national and international media pick up across media formats – TV, national newspapers, magazines, blogs and radio. Our clients enjoy larger profiles in their domestic – and if relevant – international markets. That’s the power of Routes 4 Media PR writing.

From the front page of Sky News to TIME magazine, Vogue to Glamour, the BBC and ITV to the New York Times and Wall Street Journal, our content makes the grade in some of the toughest and most competitive newsrooms in the world….

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