Conversion Boost – Making Sales Out of Facebook Ads

Given the power that Facebook holds, digital agencies and advertising firms have skilfully leveraged the platform to increase their clients’ online visibility and sales. But with ever-growing market competition across all industries, businesses are left with the most challenging questions, including what aspect would separate their brand from everyone else. While this may appear daunting specifically for a remote digital agency, making it big on Facebook is still very much possible.


A desirable return on investment in your marketing efforts demands sufficient knowledge and appropriate skills to utilise resources to their full extent. Broad as this may sound, digital agencies may then use a specific approach called targeting, a technique that guarantees increased popularity for the brand.


Enumerated below are some ways to conduct this in a bid to trigger a better-than-expected ROI for your Facebook ads.


Harnessing Website Visitors


People are prompted to visit a particular website due to piqued interest. These website visitors have shown buying tendencies, a good indicator that bears potential if appropriately nurtured. Retargeting them with the help of Facebook Pixel guarantees a lower cost of conversion compared with those regular cold audiences.


Expanding Scopes and Scales


Specific and audience-oriented content is far and away the most effective tool you can use to attract an audience. But a potential dilemma is inadvertently excluding potential leads if you limit your targets. 


With Facebook’s rigorous and highly sophisticated algorithm, this common mistake is easily prevented. Note, however, that the use of such entails high cost per conversion during the early stage as Facebook analyses to determine the best prospects.


Regulating Audience Overlap


A common marketing practise is to implement two corresponding targeting options for two different advertisements. With this setup, businesses believe they have effectively distributed their resources for two separate audiences. 


However, this may be detrimental to the brand as it will lead to ad fatigue and undermine the accuracy of results. For this reason, businesses may exclude targeting options previously implemented in one set using the Detailed Targeting section.


Monitoring Audience Interest


Interest targeting bears lesser accuracy, and this may put a business off track. If possible, demographic and behavioural indicators must be utilised more specifically if you deal with B2B firms. This is why companies must understand their audience. 


For example, companies target those interested in X when they want to target X in actuality. This could be resolved by simply indicating a specific target in the Facebook targeting option.


Revisiting Abandoned Carts


Your checkout operations do not always equate to purchases. This blockage in conversion may be resolved by nurturing customers who have left items in their cart. Facebook Pixel, for one, would be the proper tool to retarget them automatically. Minor configuration in the Audiences tab and proper customisation of audiences into Add To Cart Custom Audiences will surely poke those who previously added something to their cart but did not check out.


Implementing Larger-Scale Advertising in Smaller-Scale Setups


Businesses with a relatively small scope tend to acquire fewer targets. Keeping it broad, however, was proven to be taxing if conducted manually. Facebook’s algorithm has now enabled close monitoring that reports the scale of the market—truly an advantage that keeps the business audience broad and desirable.




Businesses that venture on Facebook for tighter market traction have resources at the palm of their hands. However, these resources are often not fully utilised. This is where the need to hire marketing agencies comes in. With their help, impressive marketing campaigns and specified audience targeting are conducted in consideration with data-driven analysis.


Try as we might, the success rate of any brand is only realised through the help of a professional cloud digital agency. Let Routes 4 Media take care of all your marketing blockages and see conversions pile in one after another. Contact us today!