Content Strategy – How to Breathe New Life Into Your Content

2021 is passing by in a blur. Just like that, we’re already in the middle of the third quarter of the year. No doubt, marketers have done their best to adapt to the changes in the world during the past year and a half. 


Most marketers have probably had to change their plans to suit the new normal and engage their audiences. They have likely had to step out of their comfort zones and dig deep to reconnect with audiences. 


Now that the end of 2021 isn’t too far away, it’s time to analyse the results of the past year and a half’s efforts. You can start to make predictions and plan how the last few months of the year will play out and how your company can make the most with what you’ve got.


Here are a few ways to refresh your content strategy:


Refresh Your Brand Message.


There is always a need to revisit your messaging. What has changed, and how does it apply to your brand’s values, business, and more? 


It’s essential always to keep your messaging updated. This way, people are more likely to relate to you an incentive to keep up with you, even though it’s usually the brands keeping up with the audience. 


Revisit Your Target Audiences.


These days, there is a strong focus on the self and the community. If you have been creating the right content, you may have built or strengthened your brand community. People are looking for a place to belong and someone to understand more than ever.


Evaluate your target audience whether your content is still relevant and catering to those you are trying to speak to. And in reverse, this might also tell you whether there is a new community built by your content. They might not be the initial audience, but good content tends to pull people in, and it is entirely possible that you’ve built a new audience. Pay attention to that and see if they can become loyal customers.


Personalise Your Campaigns.


Personalising your content should be your top priority. Gone are the days when you were supposed to try to target too many people. It’s simply not as effective as creating good quality content that is meant for a specific audience. As we’ve said, good content will pull people in. But your priority should be speaking directly to the target audience. 


Use the customer data you’ve collected to create more focused and relevant content. 


Some examples of personalised content are


  • Data visualisation of your customer’s history of involvement with your business for the past year
  • Graphics, GIFs, images that personify your customers and who they are
  • Suggestions or recommendations based on past activity


The Bottom Line


Create brand experiences for your customers and audiences. The best way to optimise your content is if your customers are engaging with it. While reach, traffic, and sales are essential, what will truly grow your business is engagement and customer retention. Content is not only a chance to speak with your customers but an opportunity to have an open conversation and start community discussions.


Refreshing your content strategy can be challenging, but it’s not impossible, especially with a team of experts to help you navigate the new marketing landscape. Routes 4 Media is a remote digital agency that offers a full range of marketing services. We are committed to helping our clients reach their goals and achieve new heights through the power of digital marketing.