Content Marketing Myths That May Be Killing Your Strategy – What to Know

The internet is plagued by advice on how to improve one’s content marketing strategy. With the number of outlets trying to spew sound advice, there may be some misinformation that happens along the way, leading to the perpetuation of myths that others who do not know better might fall into. 

As a business, the last thing you want is to succumb to these myths. It will only stand in your way of creating an exceptional content marketing strategy and hurt you in the long run. With that said, below are some common content marketing myths that can slow down your growth:

SEO is no longer important

The only aspects of SEO that aren’t relevant today are the frowned-upon practices and tactics, including keyword stuffing and collecting low-quality backlinks. Other than that, SEO remains to be integral in content marketing—something that you should put atop your priority list. 

While search algorithms change at a dizzying pace, and it takes enormous effort to achieve your goals, you should still make it a point to prioritise creating valuable content that will fulfil user intent and make your brand more credible to your target audience. You also have to keep optimising your content to accommodate the way search engines interpret them. 

Content quantity is more important than content quality

What use is your piece of content if it’s nothing of value to your target audience? While it’s recommended that you serve your users with regular content to remain relevant, you should make sure that what you’re providing them is something they will find useful. Content marketing is all about promoting your brand to create hype around your products and services, and if your content proves to be nothing of value, no one will pay attention to your brand.

It’s time to abandon Facebook

Now, this claim is a bit on the preposterous side. With Facebook garnering over two billion active users, you’re losing out on prime marketing opportunity if you believe the naysayers claiming that the social media platform is dead. Sure, it may have been under scrutiny in recent months, but it still maintains its status as the largest social network in the world. It will serve you best to leverage Facebook’s massive reach by keeping a steady presence and coming up with well-rounded organic social strategies. 

Some types of businesses won’t benefit from content marketing

Content marketing transcends all businesses and industries, and there are no businesses that are better suited to try it out. As long as you have a service to provide or a product to sell, content marketing can help you reach your bottom line. Any business who wants to create valuable content for their audience may do so, and displaying consistency with top-notch content creation will only boost your brand, not hurt it.

In Conclusion

When it comes to planning your content marketing strategy, it’s vital that you are mindful of the tactics you’re going to incorporate. Do the necessary research and only cull resources from credible outlets. 

If you need a hand in crafting a content marketing plan that will propel your business to success, get in touch with us. We’re a content marketing agency in London and are happy to help.