Are You a Social Media Content Creator – You Need These Tips!

In today’s day and age, marketing is more important than ever. There are plenty of businesses across multiple industries, and with all that noise, it’s crucial to stand out somehow. Digital marketing, in particular, has been a huge boost ever since the internet came about. It’s convenient, quick and actually makes up a good part of what a cloud digital agency does.


Content Creation


A major way for brands to establish brand awareness is through social media content creation. Social media is a great way to establish rapport with customers and earn their loyalty. In so many ways, social media content stands as the ambassador of the brand. 


Content creation isn’t easy, and there will always be something to improve or something to start getting into again. A good example of this is the social media platform TikTok. When it came about, people were already rooted “into” Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Over time, it became an established platform as well, and many brands, from start-ups to major corporations, have begun making use of it too.


Here are some tips that you need as a social media content creator:


Consider the Platforms You’re On


As previously mentioned, the platform used by content creators makes all the difference. That’s because each social media platform has its own strengths and whatnot. If you’re not sure where to start, you can look into the biggest platforms of today:


  • Facebook: This is easily the biggest one with over 2 billion active users. Content for this should be well-paired written content with good visuals.


  • Instagram: This has over 1 billion users and plenty of them being within the “ideal” demographic of most businesses. Content on this platform is more visual, with either photos and/or videos.


  • Twitter: With a little under 200 million followers, there is a lot of “talking” done on this platform. It’s short, straightforward and has a strict character limit. Content for this is generally text-based, though sharing of photos and videos is also possible.


Working with a remote digital agency can help to determine which platforms will be best for your business.


Create, Create, Create


Contrary to popular belief, content creation requires a constant state of creativity. Writing captions or having a good-looking picture in place is just half of it. There’s an entire idea behind every single post that’s put out there. So there always has to be creativity attached when content is being created.


Establish the Voice of the Brand and Stick to It


No matter how tempting it is to adjust according to what you may see as ‘trending’ or how ‘the kids’ are talking, don’t. Whatever your brand voice is on your website, that will have to be the voice you carry on all of your social media. Website and platform voices should run parallel. Formal tone on your website? Content has to be formal too, meaning there is no room for memes, jokes or similar content.




Content creation plays a major role in digital advertising. This is why the likes of influencer marketing have started to rise. Key tips for content creators include staying creative, establishing a brand voice and considering the platforms you’re on.


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