Unlike many in the digital marketing and advertising agency space, we drive real tangible results for our clients and have the past results to back it up. We believe in building long-term and transparent relationships with our clients without any of the buzzwords you might expect from an agency.

The internet never stands still and we don’t either. We work tirelessly to create social media, PPC and SEO successes for our clients that give long lasting results.

We also don’t believe in producing any ‘hot air.’  That means no shiny suits, no outrageous claims or wild ideas– and we never go on and on about our beer fridge or ping pong table. We like to do things a bit differently to other agencies – in short, we prefer substance over style.

It’s all about you

Instead of what we can do for you – we look at where things are falling behind in your World and start from there.

We’ll meet with you and give you a real assessment of your digital footprint. You might know the issues you’re facing, or maybe we’ll produce some surprises. We use the best analytical tools and minds to help ascertain where you are, where you need to be, and the costs and time it’s going to take to get there.

After that, it’s down to you. No hard sell, no big decisions. If you choose to work with us, you can rest assured that we’ll be helping you create campaigns that work for you and bring real results. We don’t believe because it’s digital it should be shrouded in mystery – in fact, we pride ourselves on our reports and communication.

So, what’s our pedigree?

Founded in 2012, Routes 4 Media has grown into a leading full-service digital agency, that delivers results for businesses in a range of industries, both B2B and B2C. We take a ‘full-funnel’ approach, which allows us to help businesses scale profitably and grow faster. This approach allows us to account for each level of the sales funnel: Consideration, Conversion, Loyalty and Advocacy and the model we follow is below:

  • Plan – A data-driven approach to review current digital marketing effectiveness, customise analytics, set up KPI dashboards and objectives.
  • Reach – Build awareness using relevant techniques.
  • Act – Encourage interactions on the website or social media to help generate leads for the future.
  • Convert – Use retargeting, nurturing and conversion rate optimisation to remind and persuade audiences to buy.
  • Engage – Increase sales from existing customers by improving personalised communications.

In this age of longer, more nuanced buyer journeys, it’s becoming increasingly important to cater to leads at different stages of the funnel. A full funnel strategy can use combine PPC, social ads, content, and email marketing to deliver engaging, educational and persuasive marketing experiences to hyper-targeted audiences. It’s how we give our clients a competitive advantage and how we build them an efficient marketing machine.

Our ethos

We have one core goal and that is to deliver top-class digital marketing and advertisement solutions in the UK and around the globe. Those who work with us do quickly realise what a valuable extension we can be to their business. We have a knack for pinpointing weak areas in your digital marketing and advertising. From strategy and conceptions through to implementation – we’re ready to help you.

Our results

We’re proud of all the campaigns we’ve worked on but a few highlights always help paint a picture of what we can do.