6 Effective Content Marketing Strategies for 2020 – What to Know

As the new year has just begun, you must know that content marketing will become even more important, and so you must prepare beforehand for any changes. All other marketing strategies can possibly stop being effective, but not content marketing because it remains to be useful and suitable for the digital generation. 

To keep up with what could be radical changes, here are six content marketing strategies that you should be aware of and implement this 2020. 

1. Create question-based headlines

Your headlines are essential because it lets people know what the content is about. It’s also the first aspect that they’ll see when they land on your page. In 2020, it is best that you utilise question-based titles such as “why” and “what,” as these can help your content rank higher on search rankings. It could even help your content take the most coveted search result spot — the featured snippet. 

2. Perform proper audience segmentation

You have to understand that your target audience has different reasons they are on your website. Some may be looking to buy a product, while others are simply browsing around. By properly segmenting your audience, you’ll be able to address the varying needs of your target audience. As a result, this will help you tailor different types of content that will hit the right touch points that will convert a user. 

3. Utilise more videos in your content

Video content has become influential in the customer journey. Even if there are users who don’t need to watch a video to purchase, the interest is there, and that’s what you’ll use to your advantage. In 2020, think of ways to incorporate more videos in your content. Although many business owners are intimidated by video content, you’ll discover how videos are extremely powerful in the world of digital marketing today once you find the right company that can do this for you. Know that there are various video structures that you can utilise, such as webinars, Q&A sessions, and product demos. 

4. Promote conversations

Creating content that will fuel conversations to make your customers engage with your brand is an effective way to leverage your content marketing in 2020. Invest in tools that will let you engage with customers in real-time. You can have a chatbot to ensure that your customers are getting the responses that they need even when you’re not online. Create scripts for your chatbot that will enable a conversation with your audience. 

5. Improve native advertising

Native advertising is an effective way to promote your content. In fact, know that native ads actually gain more views compared to traditional ads. To fully maximise the power of native advertising, create entertaining content that will provide value to users. 

6. Format for Augmented Reality (AR) 

There will be a projected 3.5 billion mobile AR users worldwide by 2022, which is why it only makes sense that you start adapting the technology in your content as early as now. The prevalence of AR technology today is widely felt, and it will only continue to grow. Because of this, you will need to format for AR as much as you can and dive deeper into this technology. 

In 2020, you will see rapid changes in the structure of content marketing. Let your content marketing strategies evolve with it, and you’ll witness the success of your business. 

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