5 Tips For Engaging with First-Time Conference Attendees

Providing an exceptional experience for first-time conference attendees is essential. It’s normal for first-timers to feel anxious, and it’s your job to ease their nervousness and make them feel comfortable. Aside from that, you have to make sure that they are engaged throughout the conference as this can encourage them to attend future events. Because of this, for conference attendees, the first time is what matters the most in making a good impression to them. 

If you are wondering how to do so, we have five tips that can help you keep first-time attendees interested and engaged. Keep on reading to find out more.

Hype them up

On the days leading to the event, you must remember to “hype” conference attendees by sending content that is related to the conference. Make them feel excited about what they’ll get out of your conference. Keep in mind that the content that you send them must contain exciting details about the upcoming event. 

Make them stand out

This doesn’t mean you have to single out each first-timer and have them introduce themselves. Keep in mind that this should not be done, especially if you’re hosting a huge event. The key here is to make them stand out as comfortably as possible. Have first-time attendees wear badges that can help identify them from the rest of the crowd as first-timers. This way, other conference attendees and speakers at the event will be aware that it’s their first time there. As a result, they will feel more at ease because they know that everyone at the event can quickly identify them without needing to introduce themselves repeatedly.

Give them space

Conferences can be overwhelming, especially for first-timers. Make them feel more comfortable at the event by allocating a space exclusively for them. It could be a simple room at the event area or providing a particular section at the conference where first-timers will be seated. By ensuring that this task is taken care of, they’ll be in a space that is less intimidating, and they will get to mingle with other first-time attendees as well. 

Have a mini-event before your conference

If you can, host a mini-event before your conference to serve as a simple get-together where first-timers can mingle with and get to know each other. Use this opportunity to walk first-time attendees through guidelines and other necessary details that they must know about the conference. This is an excellent chance for your staff to get to know them as well. 

Have good hosts

You will want to get something more out of your first-time attendees, and one best thing to help is to have a set of suitable and exciting hosts. When you have excellent hosts that can keep first-time attendees engaged and interested, the higher the chances of getting them to be regular attendees in future events. Keep it fun, light, and make them comfortable throughout the conference, and you’ll likely see them again the next time. 

Know that by making these efforts to engage with first-time conference attendees, this will help prompt them to attend your future conferences. 

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