5 Social Media Strategies to Promote Your Event

Nowadays, promoting your brand online is one thing, and setting it up for physical marketing is another. 

It’s different when people gather around to see how your products work, and you can show them up close and personal. With the right persuasion, they’ll end up taking advantage of your products or services. In some cases, other businesses may even network and synergize with your company. This is common during conventions in trade centres where you do hold or join in event marketing. 

The biggest challenge, however, is getting started. It is difficult to ensure that your audience, target market, or potential customers will attend your event. The best way to catch their attention and get them to attend your event is to reach them where they are, which is on social media. 

Setting up social media strategies for your event marketing success is the first yet crucial step. Here’s what you will need to do:

1. Create an event registration website

Creating a website for event registration is the first step. Make sure that your site is conversion-focused. Lead your potential attendees to your website from their social media accounts and ensure that it’s easy for them to get a slot or for you to fill in seats.

2. Set up social media links to the event registration site

Once you have set up a registration website, conduct social media promotions. Promote your event on social media platforms, such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube, to reach your prospects. Although your potential attendees may have come from different places, your goal is to ensure that they are redirected to your event’s registration page.

3. Track and optimize your event marketing

Another important consideration is to track and optimize your event marketing. New event registration technology allows tracking capabilities that show which social media platform is driving the most traffic to your registration site. It helps to know your audience’s demographics and their social media platform choice so that you will be able to optimize your strategy.

4. Interact with potential attendees

Now that you know how to drive people to your registration site, begin interacting the create a connection with them. There are many ways to engage with your audience. One way is in using a poll to ask for their input on speakers and crowdsourcing content. 

5. Entice potential attendees through “FOMO”

The goal of FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) is to let other people see what they’ll miss out if they do not attend your event. You can do this when you allow and encourage live streaming or tweeting onsite. Show everyone who isn’t at your event how exciting your event is, and this will entice them to attend to your next marketing event. 

At this point, you now realize how influential social media is as a marketing tool. This is the place where you can find your prospects and get them to register for your event. Earning your attendees is the first step to your event marketing success.

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