5 Creative Ways to Use Social Media for Your Next Event

In this digital age, social media is an integral part of our daily lives. Its reach is far and encompassing, and people use it to engage and connect with anyone across the world. For companies, social media is a great tool to promote your brand or event.

It’s now usual to see Facebook group invites, hashtags, and online ads. To make your next big event stand out, you’ll need to take your social media event marketing to the next level. Here are five creative ways to do so:

1. Set Up Social Media Vending Machines

People love receiving swag bags and PR kits when attending events. Aside from making your attendees happy, these little knickknacks are also effective marketing collateral. Impress your guests by placing social media vending machines at your party.

Like the traditional vending machine, these contraptions dispense small items such as pens, tumblers, notebooks, and other customisable giveaways. Here’s the catch: you don’t insert coins to buy what’s inside. Instead, your guests need to share a specific post or hashtag on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter to get the giveaway. Not only will this approach increase your social media presence, but these cool vendors will also entertain everyone at your party!

2. Create an Original Snapchat Filter

Snapchat filters are fun, and you can actually have one specially designed for your event! For a small fee, you can make one on the app before your launch date and surprise everyone at your party. Your guests will have a blast posting selfies while promoting your brand.

Additionally, you can also create a Snapchat game that can also be accessed through the app’s filter function. It’s an excellent way to keep your guests entertained throughout your party, even during lull moments.

3. Design Your Own Emojis

Similarly, you can also design custom emojis for your event. These cute icons can be downloaded through messaging apps such as Viber and Line. By downloading these exclusive emojis, your guests can send funny stickers with each other. Make your emojis super fun and adorable, and attendees can continue using them even after your party!

4. Live Stream Your Event

Extend your marketing reach by engaging with users who are not invited to your party. These days, going live is an excellent way to interact with consumers as events happen in real-time. This function is available on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. It increases your brand’s visibility and gives your followers more exciting content.

When doing live streams, treat it as a full-blown production. Plan the critical parts of your program that you want to share with your followers. Have interviewees and speakers on standby to answer questions or take your viewers behind the scenes. You can also give away raffle prizes to online viewers!

5. Invite Social Media Influencers

Who runs the world of social media? Influencers! They are not necessarily celebrities, but they have a huge following based on their fields of expertise. They can be beauty vloggers, stay-at-home mums, home cooks, or even fitness enthusiasts. Invite them to promote your event, speak at one of your conferences, and share sponsored posts. By collaborating with them, you tap into their unique and loyal audiences.

Whether you’re planning for your product launch, trade show, or a seminar, you can use social media to drive traffic to your account and promote your brand. To learn more ways on how to utilise social media event marketing, get in touch with us today, and see how we can help!