5 Content Marketing Trends to Take Advantage of in 2022

Content marketing is one of the strongest marketing tools that businesses shouldn’t neglect to use to their advantage. With strong content, you can connect to different audiences and boost brand awareness. Content marketing has been so effective that though the recent years have been challenging for many businesses, it has still helped many stay afloat and build relationships with their customers.


If you want to learn more about the rising content marketing trends we’re expecting this coming year, keep on reading.


  1. Permanent Shift to Remote Work


2020 saw a unique digital transformation, mainly because of the global pandemic. The most significant change it brought to the workforce is shifting to remotely working. This shift allowed business operations to continue even while social distancing.


For professionals, remote working opportunities remain solid. From today and the months to come, there will be a continuous need for virtual assistants, particularly those who can handle administrative tasks and provide writing services.


  1. Prioritising Voice Search


One rising market trend is voice-activated content. Nowadays, most homes are integrating smart speakers, like Amazon’s Alexa and Google’s Home Mini. Because of the millions of smart speakers sold, people are now enjoying hands-free operations while getting the solutions they need in just a few seconds.


As internet users switch to voice search, you should consider this in creating your content. You should make sure that you capitalise on creating FAQ content with valuable keywords, so when Google picks up snippets, it will choose your content.


  1. Commitment to Fairness and Inclusivity


Aside from the technicalities, the past year showed increasing protests for inclusivity and fairness. Today’s consumers do not only depend on excellent products and services. Customers also value what the companies they support see as important.


As a content marketer, you should think about the best way to showcase your company’s principles and make them reflect in the products and services you offer and the marketing activities you do.


  1. Abundance of Podcast Consumers


Another content consumption avenue that’s on the rise is podcasts. The demand for podcasts is higher now than ever before, so more and more companies are jumping on the chance to produce their own.


When you apply the right podcast strategies, you can use content marketing to tell your brand’s story. The podcast can be a vehicle to showcase the amazing parts of your products and services and let niche audiences know about them. Because podcasts are in audio, it’s a more personal and genuine approach than the written word, so consider it for your next content marketing campaign.


  1. Investing in High-Quality SEO


Content marketing strategies may come and go, but one thing will stay: search engine optimisation (SEO). As more and more companies switch to eCommerce operations, optimisation efforts can help your company get noticed amidst the increasingly competitive field. Through maximising SEO, you can land on the first page of search engine results and stand out from the competition.


Final Thoughts


Though the pandemic gave a solid hit to companies worldwide, the internet opened the doors for businesses to stay afloat—or even achieve success like they haven’t before. By taking note of these trends and incorporating them into your content marketing strategy, you can bring your business to greater heights.


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