4 Tips for Effectively Advertising to Audiences With Short Attention Spans

Ever since the introduction of the Web and social media, people’s attention spans have become shorter. Online users and consumers also have various opinions about various topics, because they are presented with multiple options. If your business is venturing in digital marketing and advertising, it’s highly likely your competitors are as well, with similar products and services targeted to the same market. With shorter attention spans and higher competition, how do you make your business stand out? How do you make your materials rise above all the noise?

You’re probably thinking, ads. With the power to boost posts on social media and set up pay-per-click ads, you can surely reach most, if not all, of your target customers. However, here’s where it becomes tricky. Studies show that more than 60 percent of online users find ads annoying, if not intrusive. Worse, at least 90 percent of online ads are ignored by the intended audience. Yes, that’s bad news, considering that you’ve probably already invested much money. 

Here’s the thing — online ads are still beneficial. After all, if you don’t boost posts and invest in ads, the chance of you getting noticed will fall from, let’s say seven (out of 10) to null.

It’s essential to keep on advertising. However, it should be done correctly. In this post, we’ll share with you some tips to make sure that your chronically distracted audience notices your ads.

Design Your Ads for Short Attention Spans

The consistently declining attention span is one of the greatest challenges of today’s advertising. A study by Microsoft reports that in 2000, the attention span of an average online user is 12 seconds. Today, it has declined further to a whopping eight seconds. In another study by Jampp, it was revealed that attention spans decrease by about 80 percent per year. This is because of the multitude of material that users are exposed to daily. 

What does this mean for you? You have to keep your ad materials simple and straightforward. Your ad image must send its message at a glance. Nobody has the time to read the fine print nowadays. In terms of videos, the first few seconds should effectively show the gist of your message and ideally, be interesting enough to keep a user watching beyond the eight-second mark.

Apply the Rule of Seven

The Rule of Seven states that prospects will usually have to see your message and materials at least seven times before they consider checking out your offer. This doesn’t precisely mean showing the same ad to the same people seven times. You need to be creative and have a set of related but different ads. You should also use different channels to get your message across.

Target Audience Already Familiar With Your Brand

If you want to gain more results from your online ads, it will be best to re-target and focus on users who might be already familiar with your brand, products, and services. By doing this, your target audience may be more open to your offers in the future.

Optimize for Mobile

If you still haven’t noticed, most people have smartphones now, and all of them surf the Web and use social media through their mobile devices, at least outside of the office and school hours. Make sure that your ads are optimized for mobile viewing, but don’t forget about desktop browsing as well.

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