4 Social Media Myths That Are Hurting Your Business

Having a social media presence is essential for growing a business. Almost everyone exposed to the digital world knows that. Social media is the easiest and most affordable way to connect your brand with your audience. More importantly, it is a familiar landscape that any tech-savvy individual can simply operate. 


However, it has its disadvantages too. It allows people to be too at ease with the platform. That familiarity makes most of them think that social media is just that—simple and straightforward. This surface-level understanding of the medium can prevent businesses from reaching their highest potential. 


Here is when myths about social marketing begin to arise. If these misconceptions are not immediately corrected, these myths could potentially hurt their business’ online performance. This article will enumerate some of the most common social media marketing myths today and the reality behind them.


Myth 1: You have an excellent social media strategy, so you have nothing to worry about


Indeed, an excellent social media strategy can open up many opportunities, but it will not solely fix all your problems in social media. 


For example, social media is often used to establish brand awareness, cement a good business reputation, and boost sales. Social media can help you leverage your brand’s performance for these business objectives, but it can only do so much. 


Remember that your target market is also found in other places beside social media. If you truly want to maximise the digital world and triple your sales, you need to invest in different mediums, such as SEO, pay-per-click, content marketing, and even outdoor campaigns. 


Myth 2: Social media always brings quick and easy results


Unless you are already a big company, have the budget, have gone viral, or get celebrity shoutouts, building a community online can be a time-consuming process. Social media is full of content and brands wanting to capture people’s attention all at the same time. 


The usual goal of acquiring a stable online presence requires constant content creation and engagement building. In general, it would take you around 6 to 12 months of consistent and hard work before you see meaningful results. 


Myth 3: You can always ignore negative reviews and feedback


Some business owners disregard the negative feedback and reviews they receive, thinking these are only a few numbers out of the many people who love their brand. Unfortunately, having one or three negative reviews can already bring doubt to potential customers. 


According to a study, one negative review can make you lose 22% of customer prospects, while three negative reviews can drive away 59.2% of your potential customers. Negative reviews will push your customers to your competitors. 


Myth 4: If you want to increase your sales, keep posting your products or services on social media


You cannot always bombard your customers with images and words that urge them to buy your products and then expect all those efforts to translate into actual sales. You need to capture their attention first and add value to their lives so that they can keep your brand in mind. 


Try pulling in your potential customers by providing them with useful tips, information, or entertainment. Those would make them more invested in your products.




There is more to social media marketing than what people usually see. The only way to maximise this platform is to understand how it truly functions. While there are many misconceptions about social media, not everything you encounter will be 100% true. It is still best to conduct research and dig deeper into social media about making it work for your business.


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