4 Social Media Marketing Tips to Use at Your Conference – What to Know

Social media marketing is very relevant and effective for events such as exhibits, presentations, or conferences. If you’ve been to a recent conference, chances are that you saw presenters having live Twitter feeds or attendees using a certain hashtag related to the conference. 

When executed correctly, social media marketing can boost your social engagement and enhance your business. If you’re going to hold a conference for your company, it’s best to leverage social media at your event because it is a worthy investment of your time and effort. However, you will have to maximize the potentials of using social media and make sure to do it right. 

That said, here are four social media tips for your next conference that you may want to consider.

1. Provide incentives for engagement.

Did you know that 92 per cent of attendees are willing to give feedback at events if it is tied to an incentive? Yes, this is why it’s best to provide incentives to encourage your participants to tweet or talk about your event. You can offer free registration for your next event, hand out branded t-shirts, or even give away customised tokens. Doing so will create a buzz during your event, which can end up with more engagements on Facebook or more followers on Twitter.

2. Use a hashtag and promote it.

Using a hashtag is a powerful tool to create a positive repercussion for your event. A leading networking platform, however, believes that hashtag without a marketing plan is useless. This means that your marketing team should sit down, think, and brainstorm for an effective hashtag. Once done, make sure to promote it everywhere – your event website, marketing materials, dedicated emails, newsletters, and other digital marketing channels you have. After the event, expect your participants to post pictures on social media with the hashtag across all platforms.

3. Employ the power of imagery.

Never underestimate the power of photos. Know that people are naturally visual, so they tend to get attracted to visually appealing imagery. Highly effective images can produce two outcomes. First, they encourage participants to visit your social pages to find themselves (or tag themselves) in the photos. Second, they create a buzz for those who did not attend the event. It’s best to invest in a professional photographer to take pictures of attendees having a good time and doing business.

4. Provide access to your social pages.

It’s worth knowing that social media marketing isn’t a one person job. It takes a collaborative effort among stakeholders involved with you taking the lead. It’s best to share access to your Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram pages with key volunteers and members. By doing so, you can allow them to upload interesting visuals and updates for attendees. If you can’t provide access due to security reasons, enlist their need for content and funnel it as the assigned social media manager.

Social media marketing can undoubtedly make a significant difference for your event and business. Know that employing social media for your conference is worth the time and effort you’ll make. Consider the valuable tips outlined above and see how such social media leveraging can make your event successful and spruce up your business in general.

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